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Mermaid Pool on Thursday 30th March (Date changed to Baptist Liberation Day )

Scheduled Date: Thursday 30th March, 2017


The district of Matura blessed with many rivers and within its boundaries, there is an abundance of natural resources. Its seven miles of coastline is a favorite destination to observe the nesting of the leatherback turtles. The name Matura originated from Amerindian and Spanish dialect and referred to as a region of dense unbroken forest. It’s mystical beauty sometimes unnoticed by passer-byes who drive through the community on their route to the northeastern beaches. The Matura River timeless, patient and uncontaminated from human interference meanders through this vast landscape of uninhabited and unbroken woodland. To experience its natural treasures one has to explore the river where the favorite destination for nature enthusiast is the Mermaid Basins. There are fascinating pools, waterfalls, gorges to swim as well as relax in the scenic ambiance of the wilderness.
The tall and majestic Mora trees that blossom along its bank add splendor to the already picturesque terrain. The sun shining on the crystal clear waters radiate vibrant colors of emerald green. The serenity of the atmosphere forces one to sit on the rocks and sway one’s feet in the soothing waters of the river hence the name “Mermaid”. Located way up upstream a fabulous destination worthy of a visit is Manulot Falls.

The expedition to the Mermaid Pool starts at Thomas Trace situated just before The Matura Outreach Centre. The trek to the river will take 35 minutes and to get to the pools there are two shallow areas to cross. To preserve the environment from bush fires, which frequently occurs during the dry season, the Forestry Division planted pine trees (pinus caribae). These trees not only beautify the landscape but also support the watershed in the prevention of soil erosion. There is a fire observation tower built at a strategic location to oversee the miles of territory.
Over the years, visits to Mermaid Pool’s are increasing in popularity and it is the responsibility of citizens to preserve their environment by carrying out their litter. Bubbling a pot in a sensitive area can start a bushfire and there is no one coming to the forest to clean up left back garbage.

Note: Vehicles watched by residents and a donation collected.
On Thursday 30th March 2017 Island Hikers, visit the Mermaid Pool.
The cost of the hike $50.00
Recommended: Kids 5 and up
Rating: 3 fair (35 minutes one-way)
Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima. (Next to FT Farfan)
Depart to Matura by 8.00 am
Registration on the morning of the hike
Optional Maxi transport provided, please call to book.
Recommended a change of clothing and footwear
For more info call hike leaders: Marcia 490 242, Jamal 761- 1889, Mario 749-2956, Dennis 678-2768, Robin 681-1389, Danny 372-7798 or



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