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Island Hikers Schedule 2018

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The mission of Island Hikers is to show our citizens the hidden beauty and secret treasures of Trinidad and Tobago and by extension explore the World in search of fascinating destinations. The aim is to do so in a safe, friendly and enjoyable environment. I have a team of 15 experienced hike leaders who assist me on the trails.

The numerous natural resources of Trinidad and Tobago make it one of the best-hiking destinations in the Caribbean. Our location is just seven miles from the South American Mainland as a result, our flora and fauna are continental in nature. The geological structure of the Northern Range consists of countless waterfalls, rivers, and valleys. Our evergreen forest has over 450 species of birds providing an opportunity for anyone interested in birding. Along the Coastline miles of isolated beaches provide nesting grounds for the leatherback turtles and hidden between the valleys are limestone caves home to oilbirds and bats. The swamp lands of the Central Range play a significant role in our ecological system and provide shelter to the Scarlet Ibis and manatee. In the South, the geology is different with mud volcanoes, and one of the natural wonders is the Pitch Lake.

Tobago is also full of natural resources along with the sandy beaches there is the Buccoo Reef, Nylon Pool, 230 species birds and numerous waterfalls. The five islands at the Dragon’s Mouth have a rich history from centuries of Spanish, French and English colonization and an attractive destination is the Gasparee Caves managed by the Chagaramas Development Authority.
Despite the abundance of natural resources, our potential for eco-tourism is still in its infantry stages. Most of these hidden gems have no signs to direct one to its location, and for safety reasons, visitors should seek tour guides. Island Hikers play a significant role in exposing citizens and foreigners to some of these far-fetch destinations.

Hike Leaders contact information

Mario Russell
(868) 749-2956/ or

Robert Denoon
(868) 685-5355

Robin Foster
(868) 681-1389

Dennis Sutherland
(868) 621-2172

Marcia Joseph
(868) 723-2210

Camille Joseph
(868) 620-3147

Michelle Mieux
(868) 726-5195

Petronilla Raymond
(868) 352-5272

Pedro Brighton
(868) 346-3460

Michael Charlerie
(868) 719-3368

Adrian Narine
(868) 349-9316

Danny Beepath 372-7798

Ian Birch (868)682-6177

Pooran Ramoutar (868)764-2041

Dan Jaggernaught (868) 659-2795



Mario Russell
c/o Island Hikers,
#152 Frederick Street,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago/

Phone: (868) 749-2956,

email :islandhikers

Marcia 490-2421,Michael 719-3368,

Jamal 761-1889,Robin 681-1389,

Camille 620-314, Michelle 726-5195,

,Petronilla 342-1072, Pooran 764-2041

Dennis 678-2768, Adrian 349-9316,

Bob 685-5355, Pedro 346-3460

Ian 682-6177,  Danny 372-7798