Angel Falls Venezuela

The journey to world's tallest Angel Falls from Trinidad.

Auyantepui's Angel Falls at 979 metres is the highest waterfall in the world, it is situated in the south east of Venezuela,to the south of the Orinoco River ,in the State of Bolivar within the region called Guayana.The voyage  to Angel Falls from Trinidad can be accomplished  by ferry boats and will take 4 nights and five days to complete the round trip..The journey  to reach The Canaima National Park  where the two nights and three day all inclusive tour is held consist of 4 legs  that includes 2 boat rides ,a taxi ride and a plane ride .
Leg 1 :Take 9.00am ferry boat from  Cedros  To Pedernales Venezuela. You will need to clear Trinidad customs and immigration .The trip will take 1 1/2 hours on mostly calm sea waters.
Leg 2 :  Take the 1pm taxi boat from Pedernales  to a town on The Orinoco River Delta called Tucupita .The ride up the river will take 3 hours and you will be fascinated by the primitive lifestyle of The Warao Indians living in their wall-less thatched-roof huts encircled by sleeping hammocks .At Tucupita you will need  to visit Immigration to have your Passport's stamp.and on completion over- night in a hotel.
Leg 3  :At sunrise in  Tucupita you can take a two hour taxi ride to Ciudad Bolivar Airport where you will board a Cessena Aircraft to visit The Canaima National Park.for the two nights and three days all-inclusive tour.  
Leg 4 : The  Cessna Plane  accommodates only 5 passengers and will take1 1/2 hours to reach The Canaima National Park . .
At the Park you will be amazed by the unique landscape of extraordinary scenic beaurty.There are numerous places to visit and the tour includes a visit to Zapo Falls, a camp out up the Carrao River to Devil's Canyon  and Angel Falls .The Tepuis are mountains with flat table tops, they composed of some of the world's oldest known rock formations.
On Thursday 8th December to Monday 12th December'11  Island Hikers re-visit  The Canaima National Park and Angel  Falls 
for more information call Mario 749-2956 
Angel Falls 4th Trip

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