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Cuba…..Sat 20th -Friday 26th August2016

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 26th August, 2014

transportation 2 (Large) transportation 1 (Large) el nicho pool at top (Large) trinidad 3 (Large) el nicho falls 2 (Large)

Cuba tour …Sat 20th -26th August 2016 

Copa Airlines

PNR Id Airline Code Flight Number Departure Date/Time Arrival Date/Time Route Currency Net Fare per Pax Segment Seats
CQ1SB4 CM 315 08/20/16 06:17 ……..08/20/16 ……8:20….POS-PTY
CM 322 08/20/16 09:12 ….08/20/16….12.50….PTY-HAV
CM 247 08/26/16 15:40 ….08/26/16 ….17:18….HAV-PTY
CM 314 08/26/16 19:14 ….08/26/16….23.25….PTY-POS

Page  1 Saturday 20th August : Airport pickup  to Hotel Roc Presidente. Visit Malecon  at 2pm

 Day 2 Sunday 21st August : Depart 8:00am visit Old Havana, Capital ,Fort  (4pm to Topes De Collantes)   ( 8 hours drive to Los Helochos hotel )

Day 3 Monday 22nd August: Visit Guanayara Falls and evening visit to City  Trinidad.

Day 4 Tuesday 23rd August: checkout 8.00am los Helochos Hotel to  El Nicho Falls to Varadero Beach Resort.

 Day 5 Wednesday 24th August: Varadeo Beach , Cave and downtown Varadeo

 Day 6 Thursday 25th  August: Depart Varadero Beach Resort to Havana Roc Presidente 

Day 7 Friday 26th August:   morning  Shopping at Old Havana and Depart 1:00pm to Airport. 

Downpayment for plane  tickets $4500.00. estimated cost not to exceed 10,000tt. 

note 2 nights in Havana , 2 nights in Topes de Colantes and 2 nights in Varadeo.

note :Copa Airline Deadline date to close off  tickets 20th July 2016.

after ticket cost will increase.

It seems that more and more Trinis are visiting Cuba. What is the attraction?  Could it be the 1950’s vehicles or is it the seventeen-century building from old Spanish heritage? The Tropicana is a well known Cuban Heritage Cabaret launched since 1939 and attracts tourist internationally. Cuba with its scenic beaches and fantastic waterfalls is a great destination for eco-tourism.

The Island Hikers group of 40 hikers will be taking up the challenge to explore the mystifying trails of Cuba. The main region for hiking is in the mountainous valleys of Topes De Collantes located just above the city of Trinidad. The Cuban Government recognizing the potential of the area constructed hotels and visitor’s centre. They planted pine trees to enhance the already picturesque landscape and at the same time protect the forest from bush-fires. In order to trek to each waterfall, there is an entrance fee of 9 cuc equivalent to 9 us dollars payable at the start of each trail. Topes De Collantes is a nature lover’s paradise with a constant supply of fresh water coming from the hills there are numerous waterfalls to discover. Some of the traditional fall’s worth visiting are Guanayara, Caburni, El Cubano, El Nicho and Vegas Grande.

After the hikes, there is an option to visit the 500-year-old city of Trinidad. The streets in Trinidad made of stone concrete blocks, and the tallest building is the historic Roman Catholic Church. Selling on the streets of the town are cigars, Cuban art and magnificently crafted wooden sculptures. Another place to visit and rated as one of the best beaches in the world is Varadero Beach. The keys off the coast of Villa Clara have become an important tourist destination, offering the best options for water adventures.

The most important thing one can say about Cuba is that they preserve their heritage for future generations to enjoy. The Island Hikers Club From 17th June – 24th June’14 will be exploring the wonderful treasures of Cuba.



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