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Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

Scheduled Date: Thursday 21st August, 2014

Kaieteur Falls located in the Kaieteur National Park on the Potaro River, in the Central Essequibo Territory, Guyana,is the most powerful single drop waterfall in the world. The falls has an average flow rate of 663 cubic meters per second (23,400 cubic feet per second) and according to rated as the world’s second most impressive. At the edge of the Mazaruni-Potaro Shield, it plunges 741 feet (251 metres) into a ravine and cascades over angular slabs of bedrock to increase the overall height to 251 metres (822ft). Few falls have the combination of an extremely tall waterfall and a high volume of water.Kaieteur is an Indian name that means “Old Man Falls” and is a prime tourist attraction in Guyana.

The overland expedition entails traveling by land, river, foot and takes between 2-3 days depending on ones itinerary and interest.

Day 1: of the journey begins with a 10 hour drive from Georgetown through the heart of the rainforest, home to numerous species of wildlife. Along the way, a brief stop at the 58 mile Mabura, then through the mining town of Linden to enter the Lethem/Brazil Trail. Approximately, five hours after departure we arrive at Guyana’s largest river, the mighty Essequibo where crossing is by pontoon. Another two hours will take us to the gold and diamond mining township of Madhia. The drive continues along the rugged trails to the Potaro River (Pamela Landing), where a boat ride will bring us upstream to Amatuk Falls. Camping for the night is on an island, situated on the Potaro River and sleeping is in hammocks.

Day 2: The expedition continues by boat up the Potaro River to Waratuk Falls and Ranger Camper. This region is the gateway to the Kaieteur National Park and the landscape surrounded by majestic mountains called Mt.Ayangana Mountain Range. The ride continues further upstream to the base of the Kaieteur Plateau known as Tukeit. The hike from the river is a 2-3 hour trek up the “oh my god mountain” to the Kaieteur landing-strip, falls and guesthouse.

The falls is simply stunning; the magnitude of water stretching a quarter mile in width and falling four times the height of Niagara. The Kaieteur tableland is rich with fascinating attractions and is one of the few places to easily sight the golden tree frog and the cock of the rock bird. Hidden inside the stem of the giant bromeliad’s plant is the golden tree frog indigenous only to Guyana and Trinidad. For more information on the road trip to Kaieteur Falls contact Mario at (868) 749-2956 .



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