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The exotic waterfalls of Trinidad & Tobago 

Caroni Bird Sanctuary

Scheduled Date: Thursday 21st August, 2014

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is a protected wetland approximately 40 square miles and home to the Scarlet Ibis. It is a major tourist attraction, and visitors come from all over the globe to see the thousands of scarlet ibis returning to their roost at sunset. The Swamp is also home to 180 species of birds the most common are the egrets, blue heron, sandpipers, green-throated hummingbirds and woodpeckers. Common animals in the swamp are iguanas and caimans. Waiting patiently on the tree tops are the cook’s tree boa or cascabel snake who at night hunt the birds. There are three varieties of mangrove growing in the swamp red mangrove, black mangrove and white mangrove. Living within the mangrove are the blue crab, oysters and four- eyed fish. Large fish like the grouper and tarpon frequent the swamp to spawn.

The tour of the swamp is a boat ride down the main channel to the roosting area of the scarlet ibis. At around 5 pm the scarlet ibis return from their feeding grounds to a special location in the swamp where they all gather for the night. On Easter Saturday 4th, April   Island Hikers tour the Caroni Swamp.

Assembly: 2pm  at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt Hope.

Cost $90.00

For more details contact Mario 749-2956



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