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Acono to Yarra River

Scheduled Date: Saturday 5th March, 2016

Acono to Yarra River (one-way] on Sat 5th March 2016

The Maracas Saint Joseph Valley will always be special to Trinidad since in our history {1592-1784} it is the place where the first capital established. At that time, St Joseph referred to as San José de Oruña however on the advent of the new Governor José Maria Chacon in 1784 declared the new capital to be Puerto d’España, now Port of Spain. Saint Joseph because of its strategic location consists of numerous forest trails or bench roads that can link to any part of the Northern Range. One such route is from Acono located on the northeastern side of Saint Joseph to Yarra River in La Fillette.

The visitor Charles Kingsley (1870) in his book “At Last -A Christmas in the West Indies tells of his visit to the town and the route he took to reach Blanchisseuse via La Fillette. The route known as the Brasso Santo Trail or Holy Trail is the path used by Kingsley to access the North Coast and originates in Caura.

The expedition to La Fillette starts in Acono at the Ortinola Horse Farm and the one-way journey consists of three legs each with different challenges. Note this hike is for the experienced or fit hiker and requires one to trek for several hours and swim through pools in the river. The estimated time to complete the course, which ends in La Fillette, is between 6 – 8 hours. Life Jackets provided, but if you have one, please bring it along.

Leg 1: Acono To Rest House 1 1/2 -2 hours (580m)

The trip begins at the Horse Farm and is a steep ascent up the mountain to the El Tucuche Bench Road via Forestry Rest House. All left of the Rest House is a sign but its significance as a forest landmark and crossroad remains. The trail crosses the river seven times, and as one approaches the top, the vegetation becomes denser. On the mountain crest, there is a junction whereby the right path leads to the Rest House in Piedra Blanca while the left path leads to the summit of El Tucuche (937m). Visible on the Acono Side another prominent Peak is the Naranjo Mountain.

Leg 2: Rest House To Yarra River 1 1/2 hours.

At the Rest Hut, there are several footpaths, and this is a good place to re-group. The trail continues northwest along a separate ridge to connect with the Brasso Santo Trail. On the left, there is another trail this one leads to Habio and Rincon Waterfall. The famous Brasso Santo Trail still preserved, and a diversion to the right, down the steep slopes, leads to the Yarra River.

Leg 3: Yarra River to La Fillette. 3 hours.

A downstream exploration of the Yarra River, which can take over 3 hours and finishes at the La Fillette Bridge. The course although not difficult is long and requires persistence and patience. It involves one to swim through beautiful gorges and basins. The watercourse originates from the northwestern tip of the Caura Watershed. Further downstream two tributaries flow into its course, one from Morne La Croix Watershed and the other from La Fillette/Brasso Santo Watershed.

On Saturday 5th March 2016, Fitness Walkers expedition from Acono to Yarra River via La Fillette.

Assembly: 7.00am at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt Hope

Estimated Hiking and swimming time 6 hours

Note: life jackets provided.

Maxi taxi transportation provided to the start at Acono St Joseph and on completion at Yarra River in La Fillette Cost $120.00.

Parking at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt Hope.

Rated: 6 challenging for experienced hikers.

For more information contact Mario749-2956 or Marcia 4902421 or visit www.islandhikers.comyarra river-0815 yarra river-0806 yara beach-0562 (Large) rest house-27



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