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Peechon Cove

Scheduled Date: Sunday 12th June, 2016

The seascape referred to, as Pichon Cove is a small inlet located below the Maracas North Coast Road. It is one of the many beaches of the greater La Vache Bay, which comprises of Saut D’eau, Pichon Cove, Mal D’estomac Bay, Negmawah Bay, Cyril Bay, Lovers Bay, Balata Bay and Marquette Bay. It is a landscape full of adventure with fascinating places to explore.

The beach situated in a cozy little area is sheltered from the sea and safe for bathing. The sea has eroded the landscape to form an arch, and along the coast, there are small caves to visit. There is an overhang coming down to the beach where the adventurous can jump twenty feet into the sea. A rocky peninsula divides the two sides of the bay and a favorite spot to fish and relax is on the rocks.

On the eastern side, a unique feature is a thirty-foot waterfall, which plunges vertically into the sea. There is the option to go under the falls for a refreshing shower. However, to get down to the beach requires some rock climbing. Placed at the top of the falls there is a small pool and cascade which provides a rejuvenating fresh-water rinse.

The expedition to Pichon Cove can start from the other side of the valley in La Pastora Santa Cruz. The estimated journey will take 1 ½ hours and begins at the end of Blazney Street where located is the Stollmeyer Estate. The first leg is thirty-five minutes ascend to the Maracas North Coast Road where visible are sceneries of the Santa Cruz Valley. The second leg continues on the other side of the road down the hill to the beach. The region once an estate and in the forest dilapidated cacao trees still survive. For more information contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490-2421, Dennis 678-2768 or
On Sunday12th June 2016, Island Hikers visit Pichon Cove.

Assembly 7.00am Unipet Gas Station (Money Street & Saddle Road) opposite Santa Cruz Food Basket.

Rating: 4 moderate

Hiking Time one-way: 1 – 1 1/2 hours

Note: Suitable for children seven years and up but does include a 35 minutes trek to the North Coast Road.

Hike Starting Location: Stollmeyer Estate at the end of Blazney Road in La Pastora Santa Cruz.

Recommendations – 1 litre of water and durable shoe with grips

Security for parked vehicles

Cost $50.00

Security for vehicles $20.00

Pichon Basins 2 (Large)pichon cove waterfall in the sea-0095 pichon cove jumping the rocks-0550 pichon cove jumping the rocks-0472 pichon cove cave (Large) pichon cove beach-0466




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