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Acono Maracas St. Joseph to La Filette….Sat5th September’15

Scheduled Date: Wednesday 2nd September, 2015

La Filette is a small settlement situated on the North Coast Road between the villages of Las Cuevas and Blanchisseuse. On the eastern end, there is the Yarra River, which acts as a boundary and supplies fresh water to the community. The river mouth where the waters are calm is a lovely and secluded spot for a picnic. On the western end, there is a sheltered beach called Mitchel Bay, and the steep roadway leads to a peninsula referred to as Chapara Point where there is a Satellite Station. The French named places in relation to its personality and La Filette is a French word that means “the girl”. Over the years, increase development occurred in the village, and there is now a school, a church and a newly built Holiday Resort.

The exploration starts from the Caurita Road located in Acono, Maracas, St. Joseph and the route to La Filette is along the foothills of the Tucuche Mountain. The Caurita Road once drivable linked St Joseph and Caura but due to land erosion it is now difficult to pass. On top of the ridge, beautiful sceneries of Caura and Bancal Valleys. Further up the hills various trails lead to Tunapuna and Moaunt St Benedict.

The first leg of the journey is a 7-kilometer walk along the El Tucuche Bench Trail to a landmark known as the Rest House now dilapidated. The area still recognized by trekkers as a spot to rest and re-group for the onward journey. The distance although long is mostly flat with some gradual inclines. The Rest House is an intersection where various forest trails continue onward to El Tucuche Summit, Rincon & Habio Falls, Las Cuevas and La Filette. The route to the destination is the one positioned on the far right and is along a separate ridge. The vegetation changes to high Montane Forest and the trail firstly ascends to the top of the ridge and then descends into the Valley. The main path leads to Las Cuevas, but the route to La Filette is a diversion to the right down the steep mountain slopes. This donkey path once used to transport cocoa, known as the Brasso Santo Trail.

On Saturday 5th September’15 Fitness Walkers trek from Acono Maracas St Joseph to La Filette (one-way).

Assembly 7.00am Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt.Hope where vehicles parked.Rated six challenging

Note: Maxi Taxi transport provided to the top of Caurita Ridge and return from La Filette

Hiking Time 5- 6 hours

Rating: 6 challenging long walk and recommended for experienced hike

Cost $110.00 includes transportrest house -2 Caura Valley from caurita ridge-2



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