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Across D Valleys

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

The Northern Range, which extends from the Chagaramas Peninsula in the west all the way to Toco in the east consist of a network of footpaths that link the various villages and valleys. These paths know as bench trails, built in the 1800’s for the purpose of transporting agriculture produce between the communities. Today these footpaths still exist, and it is possible to walk over the mountains from village to village.

“Across the valleys “is a one-way 6-8 hours adventure that begins at Temple Village on the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road and ends at the hill-tops of the Caurita Ridge in the Acono Maracas St Joseph Valley. The route across the valleys is in a westerly direction, with three mountain ridges to ascend Temple Village, Lopinot, and Caura.

Leg #1 Temple Village to Lopinot 2 1/2- 3 hours:

The journey begins with a steep climb to the top of the Ridge. The trail continues for 2 km north and then swings west to descend into the Valley. Along the way, magnificent views of the East -West Corridor and located on a secluded ridge are lush green christophene vineyards. The pathway advances to an open pitch road and then down to the village.

Leg#2 from Lopinot to Caura 3 hours:

The trail situated at the top northwestern end of the town ascends to the mountain crest. There is the option to divert from the main path and visit one of Lopinot’s limestone caves. Lopinot got its name from Compte de Lopinot who arrived in Trinidad from Jamaica on 29th April 1800 with his family and 100 slaves. The King of England granted him 478 acres of land in Lopinot which he planted cocoa and called the estate La Reconnaissance. Today Cocoa is still cultivated, and there is a chocolate factory along with a Visitor’s Historical Complex. During the dry season, numerous bushfires attach the mountain and to preserve the forest planted are pine trees along with a fire lookout tower. Noticeable are the abundant corn bird nest that hang like balloons from the trees. The expedition extends from the top of the hill with a touchdown into the Caura Valley.

Leg 3: Caura to the top of Caurita Ridge in Acono St. Joseph.

At Caura there is the option to take a quick dip in the river. The route is to the Tombasson Road at the western end of the Caura Valley where located is a WASA Intake. The trek to the Caurita Road is along an overgrown path and will take an hour.

On Saturday11th February 2017, Fitness Walker’s explore “Across the Valleys of the Northern Range.”

Total hiking time of journey: 6 – 8 hours depending on one’s fitness

Assembly 6.00am Eric Williams Medical Complex, Mt Hope in front the security booth.

Maxi Depart: 7.00am to Temple Village.

Parking at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt. Hope

Hike starting location: Temple Village on Arima Blanchisseuse Road.

Maxi pickup: 3 pm Acono St Joseph (Caurita Road)

o book a space on the maxi – taxi. Please call or text Mario at 749-2956.

Rating 6: long, challenging walk.

A fitness exploration recommended for the experienced and fit hiker




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