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B24 Bomber Plane Crash Site

Scheduled Date: Friday 14th August, 2015

plane crash site-9996 plane crash site-9991(B24 Bomber Plane Crash Site …Sat 18th July’15)

In 1943, after taking off from a military field in Waller Field a B24 Bomber crashed into the Northern Range. On board were 9 American Soldiers killed in the crash. The crash site located between Aripo and Cumaca overlooking the Valencia Dam. In 1993 a team of soldiers headed by commander Gaylord Kelshall climbed the strenuous mountains to discover the wreckage. Speaking with Commander Kelshall, a historian, pilot and head of Special Forces at that time. He commented, “The aircraft had 12 guns only 3 discovered in the bushes the others may be buried in the forest. A lot of the engine parts are still there. He remembered on that day a snake bit a soldier and an officer had to run to Valencia to get the Helicopter. The soldier was made to lie down and wait until help arrived. As a commander he remembered it was one of his most challenging explorations.

First of all I will like to comment, this is not a hike for the faint-hearted or first-time novice hiker since the terrain is very steep and strenuous. Here is a description about the hike.
Finding the plane crash site, there are 2 mountain ridges to descend and 3 ridges to ascend and all rated strenuous and with no clear footpath. As one move forward each ridge gets steeper and steeper to climb. Someone on the scout said, “Why did the pilot choose such a high and steep mountain to crash the plane? However, the trail is well marked and the general idea is to stay on the ridge until one gets to the crest. The mountains are v-shaped and one is either going straight up or straight down.

The trek starts just after the Cumaca Quarry where there is a landmark cross. The narrow and bushy trails lead down to the river. This is the source of the Turure River where water from the mountains deposited limestone into the stream. In the valley, there is no recognizable trail but the direction is to head east climbing and descending the three never-ending ridges. Each Ridge gets steeper and steeper testing once determination, patience, and overall fitness. It can take as long as 3-4 hours to reach the plane crash site to discover only the engine and mechanical parts of the 1940’s plane crash. The rest of debris either scattered in the ants fill bushes or removed from the mountain by an opportunist. One should ask if the effort is worth it but as a true Fitness Walker it’s all about the essence of adventure. A candle will be lit on the site.

Five important recommendations needed for the hike are long pants, a walking stick, Two liters of drinking water, Repellant and a hat for mosquitoes.

On Saturday 18th, July’15 Fitness Walkers discover the old 1940’s plane crash site.

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of Churchill Roosevelt Highway and Omeara Road.Arima (By FT Farfan )

Cost of hike $50.00

Security parking $30.00 someone will watch the cars for the entire period hiking from 8.00am to 6 pm

Starting location of hike: by Cumaca Cross in Cumaca, Valencia.

Hiking time one-way: 3-4 hours

Estimated finishing time 5 pm – 6 pm.

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