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Balandra Basins

Scheduled Date: Thursday 27th March, 2014

Balandra Basins

A place with a lot to discover is Balandra situated on the northeastern coast between Salybia and Rampanalgas. The Bay sheltered from the rough waters of the Atlantic is calm and a preferred destination for sea-bathers. The rich landscape filled with natural resources and the area capitalizes on agriculture, fishing and beach resorts. The name Balandra is a Spanish word that means Yacht and in early times, the tranquil waters provided a safe location for Spanish Sailboats.

The forest situated opposite to the Bay consists mainly of Mora and the network of multiple trails leads to captivating rivers and waterfalls. These pathways extend all the way to Rio Seco Falls and surrounding villages. In the 1960’s logger’s who took the opportunity to exploit the land created some of these trails.

Located 2 km in the forest is the river and secluded along its course are the Balandra Basins. The trek to the Basins will take under an hour and starts at Alcindor Trace in Balandra. The trail firstly descends to the river, crossing it and then rises to the top of the hill. The pools situated on an unidentified pathway that goes down to the river. A short walk will lead to the first pond, which is broad and shallow and ideal for non-swimmers. Further, downstream the second one contains a deep hollow basin and is a pleasure for swimmers. The boulders along the bed provide a comfortable spot to sit and revel in the beautiful, calm surroundings. The crystals clear waters appear brilliant green in the tree-filtered sunlight, and playing hide and seek among the rocks are the abundance of crayfish.

The exploration of the Balandra Basins is suitable for children five years and older. After the hike, there is the option to spend the rest of the day at the nearby beach. For more information, please contact or Mario: 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421.

On Easter Sunday 27th March 2016 Island Hikers visit the Balandra Basins

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima.

Depart by 7.45am

Rating: 3 Fair

Hiking time estimate: 1-hour one -way

Registration on the morning of the hike

Optional Maxi taxi transportation provided, please call to book

Bring along an extra change of clothing and shoe.

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