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Blue Basin Falls D/Martin

Scheduled Date: Saturday 21st May, 2016

Nestled in a secluded valley, a scenic place enclosed by towering mountains is the Village of Cameron. Located in a higher region north of the Morne Coco Road, with Paramin to the east and Diego Martin to the west. Access to the community is either through Cameron Road in Petite Valley or from Saut D’eau and Morne Rene Road in Paramin.

Cameron is a habitat where simple and charming people live who earns their income from the agriculture of small cash crops like chive, tomatoes, pepper and cabbage.

Deep down in its steep-sided slopes is the Blue Basin River, with its source from Paramin in a remote area known as Meyah. To the north of the village, on the other side of the river, the vast mountainous landscape filled with acres of uninhabited lush green forest. This region, now abandoned, once cultivated cocoa and coffee.

At the top of the ridge, the rocky path leads down to the North Coast. It was the custom among Villagers to hike these mountains to camp and fish in a place called Perdu Mari or Lost Husband.

The Blue Basin River has always been significant to Diego Martin. In 1797, it provided water to the 19 sugar mills and nine rum distillers. The Diego Martin Water Wheel situated near to the river used for crushing the cane. The population in the valley at that time was 141 whites, 289 free coloured and 734 slaves. In 1897 with the depression in the Sugar Industry, the Colonial Government purchased land at River Estate with the intention of using the river and drilling wells to supply water to Port-of-Spain. Soon after the region leased to the Cadbury Brothers for research into Cocoa.

The trek from Cameron to Blue Basin will take 1½ hour and starts at the village playing field with a steep descend to the river. The trail continues on the other side of the bank through the forest to the falls. Hidden from view, on top the main Blue Basin Falls there are a series of pools to discover. These basins named after their unique appearance and called by villagers as White Hole, Coffin Hole, and Tsou Falls. On the return journey, there is the option to climb the rocks and follow the river upstream back to Cameron. Village Tour Guide Jattie will be on hand to assist the group.

.On Saturday, 21st May 2016 Fitness Walkers explore the Blue Basin Waterfall. For more information contact Marcia 490-2421, Michael 290-8183, Mario 749-2956 or

Estimated hiking time one-way 1½ hour.

Rating: 6 challenging (easy downhill but challenging uphill return)

Assembly: 7.00am Morne Coco Road Gas Station, Maraval

Cost: $50.00

Please note a donation requested for the village guide.white hole on top blue basin falls-0738 TSou Falls on top blue basin falls-0761 white hole on top blue basin falls-0733 blue basin waterfall-0718



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