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Brasso Seco Weekend 1. Paria Bay 2. Macaquel Pond

Scheduled Date: Monday 30th May, 2016

A place to experience the true essence of nature is the picturesque village of Brasso Seco. Sometimes referred to as Paria Village, it is located in the heart of the Northern Range and surrounded by some of the tallest mountains, El Cerro Del Aripo, and Mt Bleu. The numerous hiking trails lead to spectacular rivers, beaches waterfalls, and basins. Placed in the center of the community there is a Visitors Facility where on sale are local refreshments and information about its natural resources. Few people knew about the place, but its popularity arose with the Plane Crash of Sports Hero Mikey Cipriani on 3rd June 1934. His decomposed body found 11 days after on the outskirts of the Village in a place called El Chiquero.

To fully explore this vast landscape will take several days and there is the option to camp out for the weekend. An 8-mile walk heading northeast through the forest will lead to Paria Bay and Waterfall. This trail although long is mostly flat with mild inclines and to reach the bay can take 2-3 hours.

On the eastern end, there is the Madamas Road 8km long this path leads to the river where to discover is Macajuel Pond and Madamas Falls. Along the way, the Sobo River crosses the footpath, and a ten-minute diversion leads to the sensational Double River Falls.   The terrain beautified by vibrant green christophene vineyards, which grow abundantly alongside the footpath. Macajuel Pond situated at a confluence of the El Chiquero/Madamas River to the east and the Sobo River to the west. Together the two rivers form the larger Madamas River, and further upstream there is the Madamas Falls. The basin known as Macajuel Pond is accessible from different directions. The first is an exploration down the Sobo River while the most adventurous route is through a gorge with a jump into the pool.

The journey to Macaquel Pond starts on the Madamas Road at Pole #90 where the vehicles parked. The expedition to the river is along a muddy road and will take 2-1½ hours. Note getting wet required and lifejackets provided.

On Saturday 28th May 2016 Island Hikers forest walk to Paria Bay and Waterfall and on Sunday the 29th May Island Hikers Visit Macaquel Pond. There is the option to campout in Brasso Village. Note for camping a tent required.

saturday 28th May: Paria Bay & Waterfall

(Rated: 4 moderately challenging, walking time 3hours one-way)

Sunday 29th May: Macajuel Pond (Rated 4, walking time 2 hours one-way)

 Assembly on both days: 7.00am Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway. Arima (next to FT Farfan)

Bring along a change of clothing, shoes and waterproof bag

Children: 7 years and overParia Waterfall-157 macajuel pond-36




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