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Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary

Scheduled Date: Thursday 27th October, 2016

Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary located on an island in the Nariva Swamp and span over an area of 15 km2 or 6 square miles. It is home to numerous wildlife including the White Capuchin Monkeys, Red Howler Monkeys, porcupine, Agouti, large lizards, Parrots, Macaws, black hawk-eagle, scarlet ibis and the Caribbean Manatee. The Nariva Swamp is the biggest wetland in Trinidad and Tobago (62km2) and home to 59 species of mammals, 171 species of birds and 37 species of reptiles including the green anaconda the largest snake in the world. The landscape is a prize for bird watchers where a variety of Birds migrate to Trinidad for the winter. Another highlight of Bush Bush is its flora and placed within its boundaries is the largest Sandbox Tree in Trinidad. There is also a giant ficus tree where housed are some bats. Another fascination is the variety of exotic Palms that grow in abundance which include manac, moriche, roseaux, palm real, carat, tirite and cocorite palms. These palms provide food to the animals and birds.

Bush Bush at an earlier time was under the sea, and along its path, there is evidence of sand and pieces coral. Amerindian Tribes inhabited the area about 2000 years ago and to be found are artifacts of their civilization.

The drive to Bush Bush is along the coconut Manzanilla Road to Kernahan Village. A permit required by the Forestry Division to enter the Sanctuary. The walk to the center of the island will take an hour on a flat but humid trail. Like all wetlands the area has lots of mosquitoes and it is advisable to bring along the following essentials, e.g., insect repellent, long pants and optional long sleeve shirt, a cap for sunshade, a litre of drinking water, change of clothing and footwear for after the hike.

On Sunday 6th November Island Hikers visit the Bush Bush Wildlife Sanctuary. For more details contact Mario 749-2956, Jamal761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421

Rating:3 fair { hour walk on flat, humid trail}

Assembly: 7.00am at the corner of Omera Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Cost $50.00

Note after the hike sea bathing at Manzanila Beachyoung-great-blue-heron-0843 white-jacobin-humming-bird-0012 scarlet-ibis-7168 osprey matte-1150479 agouti-1150315 bell-bird-1150368 blue-heron-0589 copper-rump-butterfly-0265



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