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Caura Valley Exploration

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

The valley of Caura which is located five miles north from the Eastern Main Road in Tacarigua was once a thriving settlement. The historic Cedula of 1783 invited French Farmers to develop the land and open up estates. The cool temperatures of the mountains attracted a number of settlers to set-up cocoa and coffee plantations and on a British map of 1797 showed 19 lots were selected. In 1881, the population of Caura was 1467 persons making it one of the largest Trinidad villages. There was a school and a Roman Catholic Church called “Church of La Veronica” and the village of Caura was known as La Veronica.

In 1943, the Government of the day decided to construct a Dam in Caura with the purpose of supplying water to the entire north of Trinidad. This venture forced the villagers to abandon their farms and take up residence in the surrounding districts of Arima, Lopinot and Morne La Croix. However, there was much talk about corruption and the Dam was never completed leaving Caura to be a desolated place.

Although the buildings were demolished the old cocoa and coffee estate trails that linked Cuara to far- fetch communities of the Northern Range still exist, from inside the valley the various foot paths can lead to las Cuevas, St. Joseph, Mt.St Benedict, El Tucuche, lopinot and Morne La Croix.

The exploration, which can be done as a five hour loop or circuit hike, starts on top of the Caurita Ridge, where the picturesque valleys of Caura and Acono St.Joseph can be clearly observed. The hike can be divided into three legs.

Leg 1 : (1 hour) descend to Caura Valley on the Tombasson Road.

Leg 2 : (3 hours) from the deep North-Western end of Caura to El Tucuche Bench Trail Rest House.

Leg 3 : (1 hour) Return from the Rest House to the Caurita Ridge

The Fitness Walkers Team explores the richness of Caura and the secluded basins that lie upstream.

Assembly :7.00 am Abercromby Street and Maracas St.Joseph (next to St.Joseph Mosque)

Rating :6 challenging

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