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Caura Waterfall

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

The Caura Watershed on a daily basis supplies approximately 18 million litres of drinking water to the residents of east Trinidad. There are two major tributaries coming from the watershed one located on the east side of the valley and the other on the west. This region is a popular destination for a river lime and people go there mainly to cock and have fun. Few people ever take the time to venture up the river but on the north eastern end there is a beautiful show-like waterfall. In addition, situated on one of the tributaries there is a marvelous little gorge with a deep pool for swimming.

There is a lot of interesting history surrounding Caura, it was once a village with a population of 1500 Spanish and French descendants. The religion was mainly Roman Catholic, and the church called Santa Veronica. The village was sometimes referred to as La Veronica. In 1943, the Government under Sir Bede Clifford decided to convert Caura into a reservoir. The residents had to resettle in the nearby districts of La Pastora Lopinot and further to the north Morne La Croix. The church was destroyed, but the dam never completed, and today some of the dam’s concrete structures and buildings are still visible.

The water in the Caura /Tacarigua River is being polluted, and it is our responsibility to keep it clean. Garbage should be put in a bag and taken away. Trees protect the watershed and the natural vegetation should not be destroyed. The use of fertilizers, pesticides and the planting of crops near the river pollute the water.

The Hike to discover the fall’s starts from the quiet village of Morne La Croix also called “Mountain of the Cross”. The walk through the mountain to the Caura Valley will take two and a half hours on a wide open dirt trail. On Saturday 1st February Fitness Walkers visit the Caura Falls. For more information contact Mario 749-2956 or Jamal 761-1889 or visit

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Depart by 7.45am to Morne La Croix to start hike

Rating: 5 moderately challenging.

Hiking time one-way: 2 – 2 1/2 hours

Note: long walk on a mostly flat trail.



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