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Chacachacare Island

Scheduled Date: Monday 2nd May, 2016

Chacachacare Island on Labour Day Tuesday 19th June 2018.

Chacachacare Island located eight miles east from the Venezuelan mainland is a place of historical significance. The Island first discovered by Christopher Columbus on 12th August 1498 and called El Caracol (the Snail) because of its angular shape. It is the largest and most westerly of the five Boca Islands, which are Centipede, Gaspar Grande, Monos, Huevos, and Chacachacare. In earlier times, cotton cultivated on the island and today the road to the Lighthouse there is some surviving plants which still blossom. It is an Island to escape from the hustle of city life and enjoy a peaceful day at the beach.

In 1813, Simon Bolivar and Santiago Marino used the Island as a battle station in the liberation of Venezuela from Spanish Rule. In earlier times whales populated the Gulf of Paria and the Caribbean Sea. In 1820, there was a Whaling Station at Chacachacare. The Boca Light House built in 1870 on the highest part on the island at Morne Cabresse (825feet), remains in operation today.

In 1924, a Leprosarium constructed to house 500 patients. The hospital wards placed at Cocos and Saunders Bay. The Dominican Nuns, who took care of the patients, built a convent and church at La Chappelle’s Bay. Many of the nuns while taking care of the patients contracted the disease and died. In the cemetery grounds of the Nunnery, their tombstones still exist. It is a reminder of their dedication to serving others. It was like a death sentence, for a patient to be sent to the island. They were taken away from their families some never to return to the outside world. At Rust Bay, there was the Doctor’s House and at Blummer’s Bay the Nurse’s Quarters. During this period, the island was busy with activity and there was electricity. The patients had a cinema for recreation, and each religion had a house to worship. In 1984 with a cure for Hansen disease the place became abandoned, and all left today are the ruins.

The boat ride to the Island will take 40 minutes, and the walk from the jetty to the Light House is approximately 35 minutes. Visible at the summit there are panoramic views of the Venezuelan mainland. On the return from the lighthouse, there is the option to visit the Nunnery and located on the eastern end of the Island there is a Salt Pond at Bandu Su Bay. For those wishing to relax there is the option to spend the time at La Tinta and Perruquier Bay.

For more details contact Marcia 490-2421 or Mario 749-2956 or Jamal 7611889 or visit

On Labour Day Tuesday 19th June 2018 Island Hikers visit Chacachachare Island (family hike)

Rating: 2 easy.

Assembly: 7.ooam KFC Carpark Westmall. Depart to board boat by 7.45am

Cost $160.00 includes hike and boat fee

Kids 11 and under $120.00



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