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El Tucuche

Scheduled Date: Saturday 20th August, 2016

Mt. El Tucuche is Trinidad’s second tallest peak an altitude of 937metres (3072 feet) it is just 4 metres shorter than the highest mountain El Cerro Del Aripo. Of the two ranges, the preferred choice among enthusiast is El Tucuche mainly because of its fantastic sceneries and geological location, latitude 10.7333 and longitude 61.4166. It is recognisable by its two altitudinous peaks, visible from miles around. Two places to see its grandeur are from Luengo Village in the Maracas St.Joseph Valley and Rincon Village on the North Coast Road. The climb to the summit is always a memorable and breath-taking experience. Some do it for the pleasure of adventure, accomplishment and to improve one’s fitness.

Tucuche is an Amerindian word that refers to the hummingbird and living on the mountain slopes are several species. Some common names are the copper-rumped, black -throated mango, white-tailed sabrewing, tufted- coquette, white – chested emerald and Rufous-breasted Hermit. Also found on El Tucuche is the Golden Tree Frog (Phyllodytes Auratus) who lives inside the water brackets of the giant bromeliad plant at elevations of 800-940 metres. This frog is endemic to Trinidad but its survival threatened by forest destruction and man’s intervention.

There are several routes to access the summit however the preferred one is from Hobal Trace in the Maracas St.Joseph Valley. Depending on one’s fitness the climb to the first peak will take 1 ½ – 2 hours. Visible from the first Peak are fantastic views of the Las Cuevas Valley. While getting to the second peak is more challenging one can see a magnificent panorama of Maracas Bay. A colorful flower growing peak two is the Psammisia Urichiana with its red trumpet petals and yellow tips. On the return, there is the option to divert off the main path and visit the Morang Pools for a refreshing dip. This route passes through abandon cocoa and tonka bean estate. The primary source of the Maracas St Joseph River begins in the valley.

On Saturday 20th August 2016, Fitness Walkers explore the summit of Mt El Tucuche with a return visit to the Morang Pools.

For more information contact Mario 749-2956 or Marcia 490-2421, Jamal 761-1889 or visit

Assembly: 7.00am at Eastern Main Rd and Abercromby St. (next to St. Joseph Mosque)

Rating: 6 challenging

The starting location for the hike: Hobal Trace in Maracas St Joseph.

Average hiking time: 2 hours one-way

summit concrete landmark (Large) giant bromeliad plant (Large) golden tree frog in giant bromeliard (Large) Maracas BAY View (Large) Morang Pools (Large) Morang Waterfall (Large) Mt El Tucuche 12FEB (Large) Psammisia Urichiana (Large)



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