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Guanapo to Aripo

Scheduled Date: Friday 2nd September, 2016

The exploration from Guanapo to Aripo is a 3-hour one-way walk through a beautiful, enchanting forest. The vehicles parked in Aripo and the maxi-taxi transports the group to the Guanapo Road. The direction to Aripo is north-northeast, and the trail is properly shade and clearly marked. The altitude at the start is 470 feet and the trail begins with a descent and then crosses the river to the other side. At this point, the route gradually rises to an altitude of 1,850 feet at its highest point and then descends to finish at 1200 feet.

Almost halfway along the path, there is an old estate house, where the father of hiker Gregory Leotaud once lived. The property now sold to Asa Wright for forest conservation. There is also the ruin of an abandoned tractor, which shows evidence that vehicles could drive through the woods from Aripo to the house. Noticeable in the heart of the forest are the surviving cocoa and coconut trees. The kernel of the young coconut seedlings provides a snack referred to as bread. About 20 minutes to Aripo nature lovers are in for a surprising delight. On one of the forest fruit trees, the rare pawi birds frequent to feed. Sadly they can easily be hunted since they don’t fly away like other large birds but fly- hop from tree to tree. Their main diet is the small sweet yellow serrette fruit and wild cayemite. For those wishing to take a swim, there is the option to drive either to the Aripo or Blue Basin located lower down the valley.

On Saturday 3rd September 2016, Fitness Walkers 3-

Hour’s one-way exploration from the Guanapo Valley to the Aripo Valley.

Assembly 7.00am Corner of Omeara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway.( Next to FT Farfan)

Depart by 7.45am to Aripo where the vehicles parked.

Maxi-taxi transports the group to Guanapo to start the expedition.

Hiking time: 3 hours regular pace

Rating: 4-5 moderately challenging with some hills.

Cost $80.00 includes transport to Guanapo.Aripo to Guanaporuins of tractor-04487 Save the Pawi mile post-04473 mile post-04467 abandon estate house-04501 abandon estate house-04492



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