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Guanapo Gorge

Scheduled Date: Wednesday 11th April, 2018

The Guanapo Gorge situated in the Heights of Guanapo is a spectacular place to explore. Located in the middle of an isolated valley to the north is Lalaja and to the south is the Guanapo Quarry. What makes the gorge so appealing are its fascinating geological features, and an exploration of its channel is full of adventure. The Gorge, narrow and V-shaped enclosed by steep walls of pre-historic rock is 400 metres long. The erosion of the valley sides is slow because the granite rocks are resistant to weathering. The river source originates from the foothills of the highest peak El Cerro Del Aripo (940m).  Other tributaries from the Lalaja Region combine to increase its intensity.

Inside the canyon, the rocks magnificently carved into unusual irregular shapes caused by the energetic force of the water.  Under the sunrays, they appear brilliantly polished with smooth and shiny surfaces. On the inside of each bend are inter-looking spurs, which jut out from the slopes and divide the gorge into sections. The entrance to the canyon is accessible from two routes. The first is a descent from Lalaja located six miles north on the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road. The other and preferred course starts from the Guanapo Quarry and is a walk alongside the river to the mouth of the gorge where there is a shallow pool and a perfect place to leave the bags. The trek continues for another 20 minutes through the forest to the entrance of the gorge.

The expedition through its channel loaded with fun and excitement. It begins with a short jump into a pool and a short paddle through the water. Inside the gorge, there are obstacles of fallen debris to climb. Please note that life jackets provided but if you have one bring it along. Noticeable in the water are the giant lobster-like crayfish that are members of the superfamilies Astacoidea and Parastocoidea. They play between the rocks hide and seek and breathe through feather-like gills.

Exploration of the gorge is optional, and one can spend the time cooling down at the mouth.

Island Hikers explore Guanapo Gorge on Sunday 15th April 2018.

Suitable for kids 7 and up

Assembly: 7.00am at the Corner of Omeara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway. Arima

Rating 4: moderate

Note: life jackets provided but you can also bring your own.

Hiking time to the river: 1hour

Exploration of the course: 1 1/2 hours

Registration is on the morning of the hike.

For details contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490 2421 or Jamal 761-1889 or

Optional Maxi taxi transportation available must call to book.

Cost of the hike $60.00

To see the video of inside the Guanapo Gorge:




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