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Guanapo Waterfall

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 4th July, 2017

Guanapo is an Amerindian word used to describe the name of the place. The region is mostly uninhabited but is known for its beautiful natural gorge. The vegetation consists of a lower montane forest mainly of Mora trees and dilapidated cacao. Over the years the beauty of its mountains diminished by extensive quarrying and endangerment to wildlife. The river flows in the centre of the valley, and its source is from the El Cerro Del Aripo/lalaja watershed. At the end of the Gorge, there is a small, undisclosed tributary that leads to the Guanapo or Tambasson Waterfall.  Access to this falls is an adventure since it entails climbing over huge boulders and swimming through narrow passageways and gorges. There are two routes to locate the mouth of the canyon. The first is from the southern end, on the Heights of Guanapo Road to the Quarry. The second and preferred route for the expedition is from the north at Lalaja Trace located six miles on the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road.

The exploration from Lalaja to Guanapo Falls starts with a descent to the river and then to the mouth of the gorge. Depending on the weather conditions there is the option to follow the path of the river or take a trail located on the left.The distance along the river course is 2 km, and to reach the falls will take a further forty minutes. Exploring the river channel to the falls is full of excitement and pleasure. Along the path, there are other small waterfalls to discover. The Guanapo Waterfall forty feet high and at its base, there is a plunge pool. To visit the falls is a memorable experience however during the rainy season flash floods can occur and there is an optional forest route. Life jackets supplied but if you have one bring it along. Wait for the necessary safety equipment before going into the water or attempting to cross the river.

On Saturday, 8th July 2017 Fitness Walkers explore the Guanapo /Tombasson Waterfall. For details contact Mario at 749-2956 or visit

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima.

Rating: 6 challenging or for experienced hikers

Estimated hiking time: 2 hours one-way

Starting Location: Lalaja Road (463m or 1520 feet)

Cost of the hike $50.00

For details contact Mario 749-2956 or







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