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Hike-a-thon 2016

Scheduled Date: Sunday 8th May, 2016

Hikeathon 2016 on Sat 14th May 2016

Hiking has become one of the most popular outdoor activities in Trinidad and Tobago. Estimated on weekends, as many as a thousand people, hike and no other sport in T&T attracts so many participants of all age groups and sexes. It is a means of getting to no one’s country, exercising, relaxing the mind and at the same time enjoying the secret treasures of Trinidad and Tobago. The 31 kilometres of North Coast from Matelot to Blanchisseue is one of the most beautiful places to discover. Along it course there are scenic beaches at Madamas, Grand Tacaribe, Petit Tacaribe, Murphy, Paria and Turtle Rock. A breathtaking location is at the river’s mouth at Madamas Bay where apart from its fantastic scenery the water’s are calm and soothing. During the months of February to July, the beaches are a nesting ground for the leatherback turtles. The trail, which is only accessible on foot, is broad and open with rolling hills throughout the coastline. Since there are no drivable roads this region remains pristine and it is the duty of citizens to protect the environment simply by not littering. T&T is one of the only places in the Caribbean that everyone can freely visit a waterfall and visitors amazed by the large crowds that turn out to hike.

The annual Hike-a-thon from Matelot to Blanchisseuse considered the Greatest Hiking Event for 2016.The event scheduled for this Saturday 14th May 2016 is in its seventh year. Some do it for pleasure while others approach the expedition with a more serious attitude and treat it as a race. It is a challenge to test one’s fitness for the distinguished title of “King of The North Coast”. The event attracts as many as three hundred participants, and yearly more professional athletes get involved. Over the years, the Hike-a-thon finishing times have become shorter. Walking the North Coast takes the average fit person 5-8 hours to complete, but the professional athletes finish in less than 4 hours.
The 2015 winner Michael Honore finished the Hike-a-thon in 3 hours and 16 minutes. Second Place was Clarence Tobias 3.21, and third place was Nathan Parris 3.32. The fastest record holder for the Hike-a-thon is Roger Rojas in a time of 3 hours and 6 minutes. On completion, each participant rewarded with a medal, jersey, food, and drinks. The Hike-a-thon distance divided into three legs with average hiking times.

Leg 1: Matelot to Madamas {hiking time:3 hours}
Leg 2: Madamas to Paria {3 hours}
Leg 3: Paria to Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge {2 hours}

This year we pay tribute to a devoted hiker Pamela Isaacs, who recently passed away. We all loved Pamela, her smile, and funny ways.
Schedule on Saturday 14th May 2016, Island Hikers 7th annual Hike-a-thon from Matelot to Blanchisseuse. Note pre-registration required

To download registration forms visit or contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490-2421 or Jamal 7611889.
Assembly: 200am entrance to Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt.Hope.

Maxi-taxi departs by 2.45am to Matelot

Start time of expedition 6.30am

Return in the afternoon by maxi-taxi from Blanchisseuse.

What to bring: change of clothing labeled and left in the maxi.
On the trail: 1-2 litres of water, sports refreshments, snacks and a sandwich.

Note the Hike-a-thon is for fit or experienced persons and one should not attempt unless exercising daily or accustom to walking hills.

Cost $280.00 includes a medal, t-shirt, transportation to matelot and return from Blanchisseuse, meal, and refreshments provided at the finish line.

Venues to Register and drop off Hikeathon forms: Please call hike leaders to arrange a drop-off time.

Option 1

1.Jamal: 761-1889 D/ Martin/St James,

2.Camille: 620-3147 Chaguanas and San Fernando

3.Michelle: 726-5195 POS Beacon Insurance Stanmore Avenue

4.Mario: Port Of Spain Upper Frederick Street: 749-2956 or ask for Scratch 796-5428

5.Ronda: 786-9767 POS McEnearney Motors, Richmond

6.Dennis: 678-2768 Santa Cruz

7.Marcia: 490-2421 St Augustine & Arima

8.Michael: 719-3368 Arima Penta

9. Robin 681-1389 Belmont

Option 2:
Deposit at Republic Bank, Island Hikers acc#180 483 119 801. Scan and email form and receipt to
Or What’s Up registration form and bank receipt to Mario 749-29561. 2015 winner michael honore 3.16.23 1. winners 2015 2. roger rojas 3.06 record holder



Mario Russell
c/o Island Hikers,
#152 Frederick Street,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago/

Phone: (868) 749-2956,

email :islandhikers

Marcia 490-2421,Michael 719-3368,

Jamal 761-1889,Robin 681-1389,

Camille 620-314, Michelle 726-5195,

,Petronilla 342-1072, Pooran 764-2041

Dennis 678-2768, Adrian 349-9316,

Bob 685-5355, Pedro 346-3460

Ian 682-6177,  Danny 372-7798