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Hikeathon’18 Registration Form download  


Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

On Saturday 24th May’2014 Island Hikers, will host their 5th annual Hike-a-thon, which begins 6.30am at the sleepy village of Matelot and finishes at the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge. This annual event considered to be “the greatest hiking expedition of the year “attracts a combination of 300 hike enthusiasts from nature lovers to brisk walkers and professional athletes. It allows one the opportunity to see some of the far-fetch beaches of the North Coast which are only accessible by hiking such as Cachipa, Madamas, Grand and Petit Tacarib, Murphy Bay and Paria. Except for the nesting of the leatherback turtles, these beaches uninhabited and their natural beauty remains preserved. Along the way, there is an option to take a brief stop at Madamas and Paria Bay and enjoy a refreshing cool-off at the rivers’ mouth.

The trek will take the average fit person between 6-10 hours to complete the 19.7 miles coastal course and recommended for experienced hikers or fit persons who are accustom to walk long distances. Each participant upon completion will receive commemorative t-shirt, medal, along with a host of goodies and refreshments. Last year’s winner Cantius Thomas completed the Hike-a-thon in a record breaking time of 3 hours and 24 minutes, and he will be back this year to defend his title as “King of the North Coast.” The first female to cross the finish line, for the second year in a row was Gillian Mendez crowned “Queen of the North Coast.” Sportt assisted the event and trophies will be given to oldest and youngest male and female hikers.

To participate in the Hike-a-thon pre-registering required. Transportation will be provided to Matelot and in the afternoon return from Blanchisseuse. A St.Johns Ambulance team will be on standby to assist hikers in need at the finish line. For more details contact Mario 749-2956 or

Saturday 24th May’14…………Hike-a-thon (Matelot to Blanchisseuse )

Assembly: 2.00am Eric Williams Medical Complex, Mt. Hope on Saturday morning.

Departure to Matelot: 2.45 am sharp

Start of hike: 6.30am

Leg 1: Matelot to Madamas Bay 3 hours

Leg 2: Madamas Bay to Paria Bay 3 hours

Leg 3: Paria to Blanchisseuse 2 hours

Rating: 8 very difficult (hiking time 6-8 hours)

Note: not recommended for the first time or inexperienced hikers.

A catered event and pre-Registration required see attach forms (deadline Wed21stMay’14 , note late entries call mario)

Cost 240.00 includes a meal, refreshments, transportation to Matelot and return from Blanchisseuse, medal and t-shirt of participation.

Registration form attached.

Email the completed form and a copy of the deposit slip to Republic Bank, Island Hikers account #180 483 119 831 or contact hike leaders. A camera phone can take a picture of the completed form and deposit slip.

To drop off registration forms, please call.

1. POS Michelle 7265195 Beacon Insurance

2. POS Mario 6235821 Frederick St opposite D jail

3. East Marcia 490-2421

4. South and Central Camille: 6203147

5. West D/Martin Jamal 7611889

Note: Optional overnight accommodation on Friday night (23rd May) . Interested persons contact Winston at (678-8615).

Hike-A-thon Registration Drop-off 

Option 1: Deposit to Republic Bank Island Hikers acc#180 483 119 831 . Scan and email form and receipt to

whatsup form and bank receipt to mario 749-2956

Optional Venues to Drop off forms : Please call in advance to arrange drop-off time

D/ martin/st james   contact Jamal : 761-1889,

Chaguanas and San Fernando contact Camille : 620-3147,

POS Stanmore Ave,Beacon Ins Michelle: 726-5195,

POS Mario Upper Frederick st : 749-2956,

POS McEnearney Motors, Richmond St. Ronda:786-9767

Santa Cruz Dennis : 678-2768,

St Augustine & Arima Marcia : 490-2421,

Arima Penta : Michael 290-8183,

Belmont : Robin 681-1389


roger rojas 3.06 (Large)

roger rojas 2 (Large)

Jamario Ruissell 8 years (Large)

dan Haggernaught lifetime achievement award (Large)



Mario Russell
c/o Island Hikers,
#152 Frederick Street,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago/

Phone: (868) 749-2956,

email :islandhikers

Marcia 490-2421,Michael 719-3368,

Jamal 761-1889,Robin 681-1389,

Camille 620-314, Michelle 726-5195,

,Petronilla 342-1072, Pooran 764-2041

Dennis 678-2768, Adrian 349-9316,

Bob 685-5355, Pedro 346-3460

Ian 682-6177,  Danny 372-7798