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Hollis Reservoir

Scheduled Date: Saturday 9th July, 2016

Hollis Reservoir

In the Northern Range, an eye-opening sight is the Hollis Reservoir. This architectural highlight located in a secluded landscape 5 km north of Valencia between the valleys of Aripo and Cumaca. Hollis Reservoir sits in the dense forest amid tropical vegetation of rare flora and fauna. The Dam water supply originates from the Quare River Watershed and pumps 8.2 million gallons to the people of Arouca, Arima, Cleaver Road D’Abadie and Environments. It is the oldest dam in the country built by Colonial Governor Sir Alfred Claud Hollis between the periods 1934 to 1936.

There is a lot of history about Sir Hollis governance (1930-1936), his achievements on the development of the country. He was a visionary and best remembered for his building of waterworks, electricity, Piarco Airport (1931) and harbor construction. He had a keen interest in the welfare of those he governed and recognised the potential of Dr. Eric Williams. He gave him a two-year grant of 50 pounds to further his studies at the Oxford University. Between 1920 -1930 the decline of cocoa caused a downturn in the economy, yet he noticed a population increase along the Spanish Royal Road (now the Eastern Main Road) and the importance to construct a dam. In 1941 under new Colonial leadership his perception paid off. The Americans established a military base at Cumoto, which provided opportunities for local employment. In 1945 at the end of the World War 11, the population of Arima and its nearby towns increased to over ten thousand. In 1946, the new Governor Sir Bede Clifford tried to construct a similar Dam at Caura forcing the residents to leave however this project failed.

If you have a half a day, consider a side trip to the Dam, however, to visit a permit required from WASA. The rural relaxation and picturesque surrounding make it an ideal spot for a family picnic. The lake enclosed by towering mountains attracts a variety of wildlife and birds. However, not permitted is fishing, hunting, and swimming.

The trek to the Dam starts from Mt. Poui Road in Aripo. The first part of the expedition is a 30-minute climb, to the top of the ridge. Cultivated in the Aripo Valley are cacao trees, christophine vineyards, and watercress beds. In this region, there are many caves due to the porous limestone rocks. The path continues along the ridge in an easterly direction through refreshingly green enchanted woodland and then descends onto the outskirts of the dam. On Saturday 16th July 2016 Fitness Walkers explore the Hollis Dam

Estimated Hiking time one-way: 2 ½ hours.

Assembly 7.00 am at the Corner of Omeara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima (next to Ft Farfan)

Hike rated: 5 moderately challenging

After the hike, there is the option to bath at the Aripo Basins.

For more information contact Mario 749-2956 or

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by Bassano, whole-plate film negative, 14 August 1934



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