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Hollis Waterfall

Scheduled Date: Wednesday 25th January, 2017

A fascinating destination worthy of a visit is the Hollis Waterfall, situated at the top northern end of the Dam N10° 42.257′ W61° 11.448′ in a remote tributary. Locating this waterfall took three grueling attempts to establish an appropriate route.  It meant using old maps to pinpoint its location and cutting one’s way through the unchartered territory of the Morne Poui, Aripo Forest.  Distinguished Land Surveyor Glen Wilkes assisted in finding it’s bearing and charted the course over ridges. Despite the challenge, it was worth the effort in getting there and the secluded beauty of Trinidad and Tobago natural resources seems never-ending.

The Hollis Reservoir built by Sir Alfred Claud Hollis, Governor of Trinidad and Tobago from 1930-1936 saw the necessity to construct a dam to supply water to the growing population of Arima and environments. The location he selected was ideal in one of the most sheltered regions of the Northern Range. The Landscape surrounded by a steep wall of mountains not readily accessible.

The expedition to Hollis Waterfall will take 3-4 hours and begins from the Morne Poui Road in Aripo. The walk along the ridge is in a northerly direction, and the highest altitude is 606 metres (1989 feet). The path continues with a southeastern descent to the Dam, followed by an invigorating climb over rugged terrain. Along the way, the trail crosses a gentle stream known as the Crayfish River, with its source flowing all the way from Aripo. The occasional hunters camp unoccupied and seen along the watercourses provides a comfortable rest spot. What makes this waterfall so unique and appealing is the flow of water cascading over a steep limestone surface. At its base, there is a large crystal clear pool. The picturesque scenery of the lake along with the mountainous landscape adds a romantic and relaxing ambiance. Higher up the river at an altitude of 229 metres (750 feet), there are more pools and cascades to discover. After all, these years still surviving in the forest are some cacao trees and the remnants of an old estate house.

The return journey, which is along the same route, requires a challenging uphill climb to the top of the Mount Poui Ridge. The seeming never ending ascent is a test of one’s fitness and may cause one’s muscles to tire and should only be attempted by the experienced or fit hiker.However, the reward of getting there to see this breath-taking falls is an exciting and memorable experience.

On Saturday 28th January 2017, Fitness Walkers explore the Hollis Waterfall. For more details contact Mario 749-2956 or Michael 7193368 or Marcia 490-2421

Assembly 4 am – 4.45am at O’mera Road Arima and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima (opposite FT Farfan)

hiking time one way: minimum 3 hours.

The Hike: Rated 9 (very challenging and not for the fainthearted).

to see video:

cost of the hike $50.00



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