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Sambasson & Lala Ja Falls

Scheduled Date: Sunday 2nd October, 2016

La Laja is a small agriculture settlement situated in the mountains, ten kilometres east of Arima on the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road. Its highest point is 678 metres (2225 feet) and located north of Lalaja is the village of Brasso Seco and to the south the Heights of Guanapo Region. Lalaja is a Spanish name and when translated means “the Flagstone”  and meandering deep down in the valley is the Guanapo River and Gorge with the source from the foothills of the tallest peak El Cerro Del Aripo 940 metres (3085 feet).  Located on the eastern outskirts of Lalaja there are a series of cascades the two most popular are Sambasson and La Laja waterfalls. The easiest route to access these falls is from the La laja however the Falls are also accessible from Guanapo.

The trek to the falls will take 1½ hours and the path passes through evergreen woodland.  The trail, which leads around the mountain, is mostly flat with some short inclines. After an hour the trail comes to an intersection where the left direction leads to the series of cascades. As one approaches the falls, there are some short steep inclines to ascend and the path narrows. At this point, through the thick bush, one can hear the roars of the river as it flows down the slopes. The expedition descends to the river where located the first waterfall called Sambasson. Further up the mountain, there are several fascinating waterfalls to discover however getting there is a challenge and is optional. The terrain decorated with various forest flowers attracts several species of hummingbirds and sometimes seen is the long-billed star throat.  The second cascade at the top is called La laja where there is a shallow pool to refresh. On Sunday 2nd October 2016 Island Hikers explore the Sambasson and Lalaja Waterfall.

For more details contact Mario749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421 or

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima.

Rating: 4moderate

Hiking time: 1½hours one-way.

Note: does not require one to get wet or swim

long-billed-star-throat-hummingbird 1-sambasson-waterfall-0380 2-la-laja-waterfall-0359 3-waterfall-at-the-top-0332Optional maxi taxi transportation provided from Omeara Road, please call to book.





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