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Madamas River Exploration

Scheduled Date: Sunday 26th March, 2017

The Madamas River located in one of the most far-fetch regions, approximately 14.5 km west of Matelot and 16 km east of Blanchisseuse. The sixteen kilometers course from Brasso Seco to the sea is isolated from all human intervention. To explore its channel will take a day and is for the courageous. It entails many pools to swim, giant boulders to climb, spectacular gorges to discover and raging waterfalls to jump. The river sources flow from undisturbed tributaries situated on the northern foothills of El Cerro Del Aripo and El Chiquero Forest. Along the course, a favorite destination is Macajuel Pond where occurring is a confluence of the Brasso Seco and El Chiquero River. Further upstream a picturesque 30-foot cascade is Madamas Falls.
Exploring the Madamas is filled with striking sceneries, extraordinary adventure, and stunning beauty. As it reaches the coast, the river loses its turbulence and turns into a scenic lagoon. It is a temptation for every traveler to take a dip in the revitalizing crystal clear water. The mouth is also a good place to camp and tranquilize the mind with the serenity of the river and the crashing sound of the waves. Madamas means madam, and its name justified by the exquisite and romantic ambiance. The beach, which remains uninhabited, is a favorite nesting ground for the leatherback turtles.
The floods at the end of November 2017 caused severe changes to the landscape and the river filled with fallen debris. The expedition trekking from Brasso Village, down the Madamas with an onward hike to camp at Paria Bay can take 8 -12 hours and is not for the faint-hearted or novice hiker. However, despite its difficulty, it remains one of Trinidad’s secret gems.

On Saturday 25th- Sunday, 26th March 2017 Fitness Walkers explore the Madamas River. The expedition consists of four legs and includes overnighting at Paria Bay.

Assembly: 4.30am at the Brasso Seco Visitors Centre

Leg1: Depart 5.30am Brasso Seco Village to Macajuel Pond {2 hours}
Leg2: exploration down the Madamas River to the Bay {6-8 hours}.
Leg3: Hiking from Madamas Bay to overnight at Paria Bay {3-4 hours}.
Leg4: Return on Sunday morning from Paria Bay to Brasso Seco Village {3 hours}.
Pre-registration required.

Suggested Items needed for the river expedition a lifejacket, torchlight, waterproof bag, and refreshments.

Note: Personal Camp essentials will be transported by boat to Paria, which should include: a small tent and a small bag with a change of clothing.

The Cost of $200 includes boat and vehicle transportation to Paria and Blanchisseuse, along with dinner and breakfast. Please bring your eating and drinking utensils. (not provided)

Rated: 8 Very challenging includes long hours of hiking and swimming. To attempt must be an experienced hiker.
Note: Pre -Registration required, please contact Jamal 7611889, Marcia 490-2421, Camille 620-3147 or
madamas gorge-4563 madamas bay-0505 macajuel pond-4487 jumpin waterfall down the madamas -4609


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