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Manulot Falls

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

The district of Matura known for its ecological attractions, on its coast, there is the nesting of the leatherback turtles, and along the river, there are the Mermaid Basins. However located further upstream in the heart of the Matura Forest a captivating place is the Manulot Falls. What makes this falls remarkably beautiful is that it flows from a tributary over a smooth limestone escarpment into the main river–course. At its base, there is a plunge pool formed by the kinetic energy of the two rivers. In the rainy season when the water flow is greater, the cascade flowing on the smooth limestone resembled that of a curtain and situated beneath its overhang there is an underwater chamber. Tributaries of the Matura River originated from the sandstone region of Cumaca, and Aripo and along its bed are deposits of layers of sedimentary rock.

The expedition to Manulot Falls starts with a 1½ hr walk through the dense forest to the river. The terrain is a winding trail, which is mainly flat with short inclines and declines. The landscape decorated by lush pine trees and beautiful mountain floras replanted by the Forestry Division to upkeep and beautify the region. During the dry season, the Matura Forest is vulnerable to numerous bushfires and the trees protect the landscape from soil erosion. The second leg of the exploration continues with an upstream walk alongside the riverbank and will take a further hour to reach the falls. The trail crosses the river several times mainly in shallow areas below the knee. It is advisable when hiking to stay in a group and always walk the trail with a friend.

On Saturday 7th October 2017, Fitness Walker’s exploration of the Manulot Falls and the secret treasures of the Matura River.

Assembly: 700am Corner of Eastern Main Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima

Depart: 7.45am

Rating: 5 moderately challenging

Trail Description: mostly flat with some mild inclines followed by an upstream walk along the river bed.

Hiking time: 2 1/2 – 3 hours one-way

Recommendation for the hike: lifejackets supplied but if you have one bring it along.

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