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Maracas St Joseph to Maracas Bay

Scheduled Date: Saturday 12th November, 2016

Maracas St Joseph to Maracas Bay

In modern times,Maracas Bay is the number one spot for sea bathers, but before 1943, there were no roads and the beach was only accessible by hiking.In March 1943, the Americans began to work on the rugged terrain and in April 1944 the 7 ½ mile route from the Pillars to the bay completed.

The word Maracas is a Spanish name which came from the musical instrument called maraca or shac–shacs. Just over the mountains is the former capital San Jose De Oruna, and it was the custom for plantation workers to go to Maracas for a day of fun to fish, swim and parang.

The hike from the Bay to Morang Pools in lloango Village, Maracas, St Joseph will take 2 –3 hours and can be done as a circuit where there is the option to ascend one path and return via another. The steep terrain is an excellent test to one’s fitness and at the end of the village is the St. Joseph River where the pools located. The source comes from Mt El Tucuche, and there are three basins to refresh oneself. This is a favorite recreation spot for residents and situated above the pools there is a WASA catchment used to supply water to St Joseph. At the base of the pools, a steep estate trail ascends to El Tucuche, known and respected by hikers as “The Devil’s Staircase”.

On the return, magnificent views of El Tucuche twin peaks and situated at the top of the watershed there is a common forest intersection called “The Cross”. This is the burial site for a hermit woman called Sister Betrice who once lived there. From this point, the trail diverts up the mountain and continues with a slippery descend to Maracas Bay. On Saturday 12th November2016, Fitness Walkers trek from Maracas Bay to Morang Pools. For more information, please contact Mario 749-2956 or Marcia 490-2421 or visit

Assembly: 7.00 am at Sam’s Bar Maracas Bay.

Rating: 7 Challenging. Recommended for the fit or experienced hiker.

Total hiking time: 6 hours or depending on one’s fitnessdscn7862 dscn7853 dscn7855



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