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Maracas Falls/El Tucuche

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

Maracas Waterfall with an altitude of 91.5 metres or 300 feet is Trinidad’s highest waterfall. Situated on Waterfall Road, in the Maracas St.Joseph Valley, it is a favorite destination for visitors. The Ministry Of Tourism recognising the potential has erected signs, and built tables and chairs to make the area more appealing.
To visit the falls, vehicles can be parked at the Wasa Pump Station situated next to the red flamboyant tree. The walk to get there will take thirty minutes, and the trail crosses two gentle streams. Midway there is the option to divert from the course and explore a small path on the right. This route heads down to the river where there are two beautiful Jacuzzi –like basins. Along the way, melted candles, flowers and fruits can be observed lining the pathway showing testaments of spiritual worship. At the gateway to the falls, the trail enters into a secluded valley where towering cliffs and ever- green mountains beautified this natural wonder. The giant boulders that encircle base add brilliance to this colorful terrain.
The spurts of water cascading on the rocks form a shower-like spray that is cooling and exhilarating. At the base, there is not enough hydraulic pressure to form a plunge pool, and this is due to the high altitude. Visiting is best in the rainy season when the water pressure is more powerful, and the full glory displayed. The falling droplets against the sun rays emit a rainbow effect and provide a natural hydrotherapy. Caution should be taken walking on the slippery rocks, and It is refreshing to sit and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.
The trek continues from the base, up the steep mountain slopes to the summit to discover another small waterfall. The terrain is challenging and recommended for experienced hikers. Access to get there will take three hours, and there is the option to venture further up the mountain to return via the Mt. El Tucuche Hobal Trail.

3, Fitness Walkers explore the summit of Maracas Waterfall .For information contact Mario at 749-2956
Maracas Waterfall to Mt. EL Tucuche
Assembly: 7.00am Corner of Abercromby Street and Eastern Main Road St.Joseph (next to the St Joseph, Mosque)
Rating 6: challenging (for experience hikers)
Total hiking time: 6 hours



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