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Matelot Falls

Scheduled Date: Monday 10th April, 2017

An enchanting place where every Trinibagonian should visit is the village of Matelot. It is the perfect destination to escape from the hustle of busy city life and enjoy the peaceful countryside, and fascinating coastal sceneries. Matelot best described as a dreamy place, timeless with stunning beaches, rivers, and waterfalls. Located 26.7 km further west from Toco at the end of the Toco/Paria Main Road, it is the last village on Trinidad’s North- Eastern Coast. Matelot is a French word when translated means “sailor, ” and before there were roads, it was a landmark for seamen. The village population is six hundred who earns their income from fishing, agriculture, and eco-tourism. The scenic drive along the winding coastal road can take three to four hours from Port of Spain to Matelot. Along the route, other noteworthy northeastern towns are Matura, Salybia, Balandra, Rampanalgas, Cumana, Toco, San Souci and Grand Riviera. Each has their unique characteristics, rich heritage, and natural resources.

In Matelot the sky is the limit for the nature lover, enclosed by a high wall of mountains and anyone seeking relaxation and wellness. A quiet corner to unwind, a place no one wants to leave. Wildlife is abundant, and seem running around the neighborhood are iguanas, red-rumped agoutis, and common opossums or manicous. It is a place to see rare birds and often seen are the pawi or piping-guan, a turkey light bird which is indigenous to Trinidad, and once hunted to almost extinction. Most distinct are the various species of butterflies such as the Blue Morpho or Emperor Butterfly, the monarch, and swallowtail. The numerous hiking trails situated along the coast lead to breathtaking waterfalls, rivers, and secluded beaches. At the western end of the neighborhood, there is the river, which provides constant water supply and a favorite recreational spot for river limes. Further upstream, a spectacular destination is the Matelot Falls with its clean and secluded basin.

The expedition to the falls will take an hour and starts with a 2km walk along the ridge. The trail descends steeply to the river and continues upstream to the falls. Beyond the falls there are other fascinating pools, and gorges to explore. The hike is suitable for kids seven years and older. Like jackets supplied for those wishing to explore the deep areas of the pool.

On Good-Friday 30th March 2018 Island Hikers visit Matelot Waterfall.

Assembly 1: 6 am at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt Hope.

Assembly 2: 6.30am at the Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.

Optional maxi transportation is available from Mt. Hope Hospital / Arima to Matelot at the cost of $120.00 (transport only). To reserve a seat, please call Mario 749-2956 on the day before the hike.

Hiking Time: 1 hour

Rating: 3 Fair

Cost of the hike $60.00

Security per vehicle $20.00

Note: A hamper donation will be given out to a villager in need and hikers are asked to contribute a tin.

For details contact Mario: 749-2956, Marcia 490 2421, Jamal 761- 1889 or

To see a video of matelots falls visit:


matelot falls jumping (Large) (Small)



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