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Mora Trace Nylon Pools

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 5th August, 2014

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Matura is a place known for the conservation of the leatherback turtles, but it is also a place of many rivers. The name Matura is a mixture of Spanish and Amerindian and refers to the thick woods, as well as the numerous rivers. It is the first village on the northeastern coast after passing the Valencia / Toco Road intersection.

Mora Trace is a popular landmark of Matura where at the Corner Bar motorist stop to purchase refreshments and honey. Recently the extension to the Mora Trace Road allows easier access to the river. With the development of the new road, the river has now become a new and appealing destination for the adventurist. At first the river appears insignificant since this part of its course the bed is narrow with sand and gravel. The trees that grow along the bank are mainly wild shrub, however, adventuring upstream the river widens and its greatness displayed.

At the middle course of the river, the scenery changes from overgrown fern to towering Mora Woodland. The forest appears enchanted with the repetitive call of the boisterous bellbird. The river meanders in a zigzag direction and views of its course blocked by interlocking spurs. The occurrence of braiding in the river cause the fractured bands of rock to form magnificently carved nylon pools. These captivating basins are a secret getaway known only to villagers. There is the option to explore further upstream, for additional 30 minutes where the river divides into two tributaries. The one situated on the left there is a twenty-foot waterfall to discover.

The quest to Mora Trace Pools and Waterfall is a 90-minute upstream walk along the river bed. The river course is flat and mostly shallow. On Saturday 20th June’15, Fitness Walkers explore the Nylon Pools of Mora Trace. For more information contact Marcia 490-2421 or Michael 290-8183.

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O,meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima. (Next to F T Farfan)

Cost $50.00: Pre-registration not necessary

Rating: 5 moderately challenging.

Swimming: not necessary

To see video go to

Hiking time: 70-90 minutes walk along the river bed
Mora TRACE WaterfallL (Small)



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