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Mystery Pools of Morne La Croix

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 18th October, 2016

Morne La Croix is an isolated village located 23km north of Arima and 12 km south of Blanchisseuse on the Arima Blanchisseuse Bypass. At its entrance, there is a large rectangular concrete plaque inscribed with the words “Morne La Croix “ which translates “Mountain Of The Cross.” The landscape enclosed by towering ridges and facing majestically over the community there is a prominent V-shaped Mountain, which symbolizes the appearance of a crucifix.

The first descendants of Morne La Croix were farmers who migrated from Venezuela to work on the cocoa and coffee estates in Caura. They were referred to as Cocoa Panyols or Caureros because they lived in Caura. In 1943, Governor Sir Bede Clifford decided to construct a dam at Caura forcing the fifteen hundred residents to vacate and find an alternative place to dwell. Their homes along with the Santa Veronica RC Church demolished. Most of the residents relocated to Lopinot now called “The Home of Parang” while others went further north to the luscious valley of Morne La Croix. Despite Sir Clifford efforts the Dam never completed and the once populated Caura became an isolated valley.

The Morne La Croix Countryside is full of natural resources with a diversity of rivers, gorges, and waterfalls. It hidden beauty remains preserved since access restricted by its mountainous and complex terrain. The Marianne River flows on its eastern side, with its source originating from Brasso Seco. Further downstream along its channel, there is Avocat Waterfalls and 3 Pools. Deep down in the valley, on the western end of the village, there is the Limon River. It passes through the village firstly as a gentle stream then combines with nearby tributaries to increase in size and strength. Its course is through uncharted territory to exit on the North Coast at Yarra Bay. Noteworthy is its crystal clean water filtered by the stony riverbed. The river plunges several steep escarpments to form beautiful waterfalls and gorges. Concealed along its tributaries there are other waterfalls to discover, and there is the picturesque “ 3 Sprout Falls’’ which has three overflows.

The exploration to the Mystery Pools will take 1–11/2 hours and starts 1 km from the village at the fifteen and a quarter milepost on the Arima, Blanchisseuse Road. The trail descends to the river, and there is the option to relax and enjoy the nearby pools or explore further upstream to locate the fall. The return to the village is a moderate ascend and via the same route.

On Sunday, 23rd October 2016 Island Hikers visit the Mystery Pools of Morne La Croix.

Assembly: 7.00am at Corner of Omeara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima. 9next to FT Farfan

Depart by 7.45am

Rating: 4 moderate (easy downhill and gradual uphill return)

Swimming: optional life jackets provided but if you have one bring it along.

Note, please bring a change of clothing.

Estimated hiking time along the river to fall: 1½hour

For details contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490-2421 or Jamal 761-1889.mystery-pools mystery-pool-fall mountain-of-the-cross-15 morne-la-croix-concrete-inscription 3-sprout-group-28





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