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Paragrant Bay from Paramin

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 26th January, 2016

Carnival Fitness Hike to Paragrant Bay on Saturday 3Oth January 2016

An expedition design to test one’s fitness and at the same time enjoy the magnificent North Coast Scenery is a trek through the Village of Paramin then down to Paragrant Bay. The journey starts at the WASA Outlet on Paramin Road where the vehicles parked and the first part of the trip is a 1-1/2 walk through the village to the top of the mountain called Barre La Vigie. It is always a pleasure to walk through Paramin there is so much to see breathtaking landscapes of chive plantations growing on the hilltops and across the valleys. The friendly villagers welcome hikers with smiles and a pleasant “good morning”!

Leg 2 of the journey will take a further hour and continues east along the Fond Pois Doux Road to the junction at Mal Destomac Road. The route to the beach is a steep descend along the Mal Destomac Road and then diverts into the forest. Along the way, there are splendid views of Saut Deau Island and the La Vache Bay Seascape. For those wanting a less challenging experience, there is the option to start the hike at the top of the hill on the Fonds Pois Doux Road. The return journey to Paramin Village is back up the hill on the other side of the mountain to North Deck then west along the Fonds Pois Doux Road. Please note most of the destination is along the concrete road and direct exposure to the sun. Bring along a hat for sunshade and at least 1 litre of water.

On Saturday 30th January 2016, Fitness Walkers explore Paragrant Bay.

Rated: 7 strenuous

Assembly 6.00am Morne Coco Road Gas Station Maraval.Hike starts at 7.00am

Estimated Hiking time: 2 ½ -3hours one-way from Paramin

For further details contact Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889, or

Cost of the hike $50.00

Note: Participants of this hike will get a free hike on Sunday31st January minus the $50.00 hike fee.

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