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Paragrant Beach

Scheduled Date: Sunday 14th August, 2016

Paragrant or Mal-D’esto-Mac Bay on Sunday 14th August 2016

On the eastern side of Paramin, overlooking the Moka Golf Course, there is a small agricultural settlement known as Paragrant or Mal Des Tomac. Access to the place is from the Fond Pois Doux Road located two miles from the Pillars on the Maracas North Coast Road. The name Fond Pond Doux is a Patois word that refers to a “Place with a Sweet Background” and the sceneries along the crest are superb. This road is a bypass, which leads to the summit of Paramin in an area called Barre La Vie or Crows Nest.

There is something magical about the place that everything seems to be in harmony. It’s fascinating landscapes, peacefulness along with the refreshing mountain breeze all synchronize into a delightful ambiance. The Maraval and surrounding environments all have French names since it was first to be developed by French Overseers. On the southern side splendid sceneries of La Silla or Saddle Road, The Moka Estate, the Champ Elysees Estate also called Fields of Happiness or Country Club and the Paradise Estate or Queens Park Savannah. On the northern side panoramic views of Saut D’eau Island, La Vache Bay, and the Caribbean Seascape and to the west the chive plantations of Paramin and Cameron. In recent years, the region continues to develop there is now concrete roads, increase housing and electricity.

Located at the bottom of the Valley, there is a secluded beach, known to villagers as Mal-D’esto-Mac Bay, or “Bad Stomach.” The name may either refer to the roughness of the sea or the steep ascent to the top. The expedition, which leads down to the beach, will take an hour and begins on a concrete road and diverges from the main path into a forest trail. Still noticeable and a reminder of its rich heritage are the dilapidated cacao trees. On the descent, it is always a pleasure to stop and pay a visit to friendly villager Dougla who welcomes visitors with some seasonal fruit.

The beach half a mile long has silky smooth sand and during the summer months from July to September, the sea is calm and most inviting. On the western end of the bay, there is a small stream with a refreshing pool. The ascent to the top although steep is along a semi-concrete road. The return trek will take 1½ hour and is a test of one’s fitness, but the beautiful atmosphere makes it enjoyable. The serenity of the valley along with the splendid views of Timberline, Cyril Bay, Lovers Bay and Negmawah turns this challenging walk into a pleasurable accomplishment.

On Sunday 14th August 2016, Island Hikers explore Paragrant Bay.

Rating: 5 moderately challenging

Going: 1-hour easy downhill

Return: 1 1/2 hours uphill along a road

Note: suitable for kids 7 & up with a willingness to walk.

Assembly 1: 7.00am entrance to Central Bank Auditorium or

Assembly 2: 7.30am at the Pillars on the Saddle Road.

Transportation provided must call Mario to book.

Please contact Mario 749-2956 or Marcia 490-2421 or Jamal 761-1889

Paragrant La Vache Bay (Large)

Paragrant Saut Deau Bay (Large)view of saut deau island-1010032 paragrant bay-1010297 paragrant bay-0429



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