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Paria Bay Campout

Scheduled Date: Sunday 19th March, 2017

Paris Bay Campout..

During the vacation period, one of the best locations for a family camp-out is at Paria Bay. A place to forget about one’s busy schedule and enjoy nature to the fullest. It is a time for relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul. The childhood memories of camping in the wilderness, the joy of sleeping in a tent, admiring the twinkling stars and playing whole day on the beach are unforgettable experiences that can last a lifetime. To peacefully sit on the beach, and relish the refreshing Caribbean Breeze, unconcern about time, taken away by the picturesque seascape and mesmerized by the sound of the crashing waves. This is a reconnection to the real meaning of life. ‘It is all perfect, this world we live. Slow down and enjoy it all. Happiness is the Way.’

Paria Bay has a little of everything and apart from the superb beach, fantastic waterfall, and calm river mouth there is the attraction of the giant leatherback turtles coming ashore nightly to nest. During the months of July and August, the hatchling emerges from the sand however many of them are eaten by birds of prey before they can reach the safety of the water. On the western end of the beach, the sea eroded the landscape to form a magnificently carved arch with a protruding fragment in the middle. Named Cathedral Rock this is a lovely spot to take memorable pictures because of its elegant grandeur. A stream located nearby supplies clean water for cooking and the local fishermen supply freshly caught fish to campers.

The rule for campers is to preserve the environment and leave nothing but footprints. Campsites should be set up in areas as not to affect nesting turtles and the hatchlings. Garbage must be taken out and not left on the beach.

The walk from the Blanchisseuse Spring Bridge to Paria Bay will take two hours. A rest stop along the way is Turtle Rock where one can enjoy the spectacular coastal scenery. A boat will transport the essential camping equipment.

Suggested Items for the camp-out: are a tent, sleeping bag, life jacket, medication, repellent, flashlight, extra change of clothing and footwear, cup, plate, knife, fork, garbage bag and a pen knife.

Note: Items for boat transportation should be labeled and put in waterproof garbage bags.

Suggested food items to bring along are Vienna sausages, sandwiches, tuna, sardines, baked potato, trail snacks, fruit juices, peanut butter, biscuits, boiled eggs, cooked chicken, milk, coffee or tea bags, drinking water

Please note: dinner and breakfast supplied, however, campers required to bring personal food items and eating utensils (cup, plate, knife, and fork not supplied)

Island Hikers family camp-out at Paria Bay from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July2016.

Assembly on Saturday 23rd July: 8.00am Sams Bar Maracas Bay or 9.00 am at Blanchisseuse Fishing Depot.

All Campers allowed two bags: A tent and personal backpack, which must be loaded on the boat by 10 am

Assembly on Friday 22nd July 2016: contact Robin: 681-1389, note boat loaded at 1.00pm Friday evening (bring meals )

The Cost: $200 and $100 children (includes dinner, breakfast on Saturday and the transportation of 2 bags)

For those not wishing to hike the boat is available at an extra cost of $100.00 includes the return trip.

Secure overnight parking available at Marianne Beach Resort

Note: an extra piece or oversize bag there is a $50.00 charge.(no suitcases)

For further information contact Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889, Dennis 678-2768 Robin 681-1389, Marcia, 490-2421 or


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