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Quare River

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 9th September, 2014

Quare River

The town of Valencia boarded by rivers is the place for river limes and within its region there are the De Freitas Ranch, Valencia Eco-Resort and Valencia Nature Centre and Heritage Park. Located on the western side of the district there are the Guanapo and Aripo Rivers and on the eastern side the La Sieva, North Oropuche, Turure and Quare Rivers. The most significant is the Quare River, which supplies water to the Hollis Reservoir. The Dam enclosed by high mountains is one of the most scenic places in the Northern Range however, to visit one needs permission from WASA.

Valencia began as an estate owned by a Spanish farmer named Valentia. At the gateway to the centre, there are two concrete Pillars built by the Americans during World War 11. The Pillars represented an entry point to their Naval Base at Cumuto called Fort Read. There is a Valencia Visitor Centre, which provides information on eco-tourism and Cultural Heritage.

The Quare River source flows from Dam where the overspill of water passes downstream to the outskirts of the village. Along its path, the river has many fascinating areas to explore with plunge pools and cascading waterfalls. The Quare Pools and waterfalls situated on the northern outskirts of Valencia are one of the best-kept secrets and a favorite recreation spot for villagers.

The exploration of the first set of pools begins with a thirty minutes walk alongside the riverbank. There is the option to explore further upstream to discover other fascinating basins. The terrain to get there is mostly flat with gentle inclines. Along the way, the trail passes through abandon agriculture land. Note that bathing is optional and does not require one to get wet.

On Sunday, 1st November 2015  Island Hikers explore the Quare River. For further details, please contact Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421.

Rating: 2 easy suitable for small children

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.  (Next to FT Farfan)

Note: on Saturday 31st October’2015 Island Hikers will be having a Pink Hike to Mermaid Pool Matura where proceeds collected go the assistance of a Cancer Patient. Please call Mario 749-2956 for details. quare river -7925 quare river -0105 quare river -0070 hollis reservoir -







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