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Salybia Basins

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 11th October, 2016

The Salybia River located on the northeastern coast acts as a boundary separating the villages of Mathura and Balandra. It source flows from one of the most distant regions of the Northern Range an area referred to as Mars. It exits into the sea at the popular bathing spot known as Salybia or Saline Bay. It’s name chosen because of its heavy concentration of saltwater mainly sodium and chloride. The mouth with its calm, relaxing flow is a favorite place to kayak and enjoy a river lime. Upstream the river meanders through miles of unchartered territory and approximately 1.5 km before it reaches the coast there is a confluence of the prominent Rio Seco River and the larger Salybia River. This remote area where the two rivers combine is like an eco-rich lagoon with fascinating basins and gorges to refresh. Its secluded beauty remains preserved since access restricted by the dense Mora Forest. Further, upstream escarpments along its course formed a series of cascades and basins. There is the belief that the Kalinago Carib Indians settled in the area, and they referred to the forest as “Guaro” and called the seacoast  ” Oropouche.” The Amerindians name for Trinidad was “Chaleibe.”

The exploration of the pools will take thirty minutes and starts at Pierre Trace in Salybia. The route to the reach the conflux is through a wide-open path that descends to the river. The trail has short inclines and shaded by the towering Mora Woodland. The river has numerous places to bath and a short distance upstream along the Rio Seco there are additional ponds. On the return, there is the option to paddle downstream to the Salybia Bridge or trek back via another route. Note lifejackets provided but if you have one bring it along.

On Sunday, 16th October 2016 Island Hikers explore the Salybia Basins.

 Assembly: 7.00am at the Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima. (Next to FT Farfan)

Rating: 3 fair

Hiking time to river 30 minutes

Return: Swimming downstream optional and can take 1 hour

The hike is suitable for Children seven years and up.Cost $50.00 kids 5- 11years $25.00

For more details contact Mario749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421 or www.islandhikers.comsalybia-riverr-mouth-and-sea-0090 salybia-river-mouth salybia-basins-0054






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