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Saut D’eau Beach

Scheduled Date: Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

An enchanted and secluded beach located on the north coast is Saut D’eau. There are no roads to get there and access is on foot down the rugged hills of Paramin. A landmark on the bay is the statue of the patron Saint Cion. However, the place now abandoned, but at one time there was a fishing dockyard, a wooden house, and a flourishing cocoa estate.   Positioned opposite to the beach is Saut D’eau Island uninhabited and used as a bird sanctuary for the breeding of pelicans and other rare species. Its jagged cliffs make access difficult and to visit requires a permit from the Forestry Department. Saut D’eau is a French word that means, ” jumping water, ” and at the bay, there is a picturesque waterfall, which drops 30 feet into the sea.

It is a thrill to walk through the evergreen village of Paramin admiring its fascinating landscape. It is a pleasurable and memorable experience to meet and greet the friendly Paraminians. The trek through the village is a test of one’s fitness and although challenging the ambiance of the place makes it enjoyable. The journey begins at the Morne Coco Road Gas Station, and along the way, there is always something to catch one’s attention. To the east, fantastic views of Moka Golf Course, Maracas North Coast Road, Paragrant and Maraval Valley and to the west panoramas of Saut D’eau Island, Cameron, and Petite Valley. The source of the Blue Basin River originates from Paramin in a place referred to as Mia. A notable attribute is the richness of the hills, with lush vegetable gardens of chive, pimento, thyme, pepper, tomato and cabbage. Visitors amazed by the crops cultivated on the steep slopes and wonder how difficult a task this must be. The cool mountain breeze at an altitude of 550 metres (1,800 feet) feels healthy and invigorating.

Paraminians are descendants of French and Spanish Heritage. Some of the elders still speak patois, and the streets in Paramin have French-Creole names La Finette Road, Bella Montage Road, Lale Road, Beau Pres Road and Morne Espoire Barre Bette Rouge. Roman Catholic is the dominant religion, and a place of interest is the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe Bien Vini where on Carnival Sunday, there is the traditional patois mass. Paramin has a reputation for making the country’s best seasoning, and during Christmas Season the culture of the community comes alive with the Parang Festivals.

The expedition starts with a walk through the village to the top of the mountain called Barre La Vigie meaning ” lookout point or crow’s nest.” This first part of the journey will take between 1 -1 1/2 hours depending on one’s fitness. The descent to the coast from the mountain crest is a further 2.6 km along a winding dirt path. The energizing water of the beach is a must to refresh oneself. A hidden gem is to explore the stream where to discover are waterfalls and basins. The return climb to the summit creates anxiety and is a real test of one’s fitness. This is the final hike for the year 2016 and we thank all for the support.

On Sat 26th November 2016 Fitness Walkers trek to Saut D’eau Beach

Assembly: 6.00am at the Morne Coco Road Gas Station

Note: Trek starts 7.00am

Rating: 6 strenuous

Average hiking time one- way: 2 – 3 hours or depending on one’s fitness.

To see a video of Saut D’eau Beach and waterfalls:

For information, please visit or Mario 749-2956 or Marcia 490-2421.6saut-island-01946 saut-beach-01869 saut-beach-2-01873 saint-cion-01874 our-lady-of-guadalupe-bien-vini-large waterfall-flowing-in-d-sea




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