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Shark River

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 7th October, 2014


Shark River located on the Northern Eastern Coast between the villages of Matelot and Grande Riviere is a safe and traditional place to camp and experience a night out in the wilderness. On weekends, the area beneath the bridge with its crystal clear pools is a popular river destination. The landscape is part of The Matura National Park an Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) declared by the EMA in 2004.The park has an area of 9000 hectares which includes the watersheds of Rio Seco, Salybia, Toco and Matelot. The natural vegetation of Mora forest provides a welcoming habitat for a variety of wildlife, which includes, deer, ocelot, porcupines, howler monkeys and the critically endangered pawi.

Shark River got its name because long ago a variety of marine fish including schools of baby sharks could be seen swimming in the river. The backlash of seawater during high tide created a gateway for curious fish to enter the river however today this remarkable occurrence is all gone. Another sensation was the howler monkeys that could be seen swinging on the treetops. On mornings, they would come down from the forest to the campsite in search of food however hunting has caused them to retreat.

To experience the true magnificence of Sharp River is to explore upstream. The river with its source from remote tributaries in the Northern Range remains pristine and uncontaminated from human intervention. The further one advance there are more interesting things to discover numerous pools and waterfalls. A stunning attraction is to venture way upstream beyond the waterfalls where the river eroded the landscape with such perfection to create a vertical wall. This natural phenomenon located three miles upstream known to hikers as “The Wall” and to access there requires climbing over giant boulders and waterfalls. However, this extra part of the exploration is optional since it can take as long as 2-3 hours to get there and recommended for the experienced explorer.

On Saturday 10th, October’15 Fitness Walkers discover Shark River

To see a video of Shark River and The Wall visit:

For details contact Mario 749-2956 or

Assembly 6.00am at Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt. Hope Hospital Entrance or 6.30am sat the Corner of O’meara Road & Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima. (Next to FT Farfan)

Transport to Matelot provided, please call to book.

The cost of hike $50.00. Optional Cost of Maxi Transport $120.00 additional.

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