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Tamana Bat Cave

Scheduled Date: Sunday 31st July, 2016

In the Central Range, the tallest mountain is Mount Tamana with an altitude of 313 meters. Its geological features consist mainly of coral limestone, which shows that thousands of years ago the mountain was probably a reef. The distinguished Bat Cave located in Tamana house twelve species of bats and has an estimated population of 1.5million, which is the second largest in the region. The highest recorded in San Antonio Texas called Bracken’s Cave. The bats eat a variety of foods, and some are insectivores, frugivores (fruit eaters), nectarivorous and sanguivorous (vampire bats).

The highlight of the expedition begins just before sunset when the bats awake and start to exit the cave in search of food. This spectacular phenomenon can last for several hours as thousands of bats leave the cave in a spiral formation. Bats play a significant role in keeping mosquito populations under control, and one bat can consume as many as a thousand mosquitoes in an hour.

The Tamana Bat Cave has two distinct chambers to discover. The first is simple and runs parallel to the surface while the second descends vertically underground. To visit the cave one has to crawl through a narrow entrance located further up the hill. Inside the cave, hanging in clusters on the walls and ceiling thousands of frenzy bats of different sizes and species. The ground covered with thick layers of bat guano attracts many roaches. Bats look scary and vicious but on the contrary are harmless and will not attack anyone. There is the option to stay at the top for the migration or explore inside the cave to see the bats in their natural environment. The exit situated on the other end requires some rock-climbing to depart.

The trek to the cave will take thirty minutes, and there is the option to continue onwards to the summit of Mt Tamana where there are picturesque panoramas of the Northern and Central. Range.During the rainy season, the trail becomes muddy, so it is recommended to bring along a change of clothing, footwear, rubber gloves, torch- light, repellent, and extra water to wash hands.

On Saturday10th June 2017 Island Hikers visit the Tamana Bat Cave.

Rating: 3 easy

Assembly 1.00pm at the Corner of Omeara Rd and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima

Finish: 7 pm.

Hiking time: 20mins short uphill

Exploration inside the cave and to the summit of Tamana is optional.

Kids allowed $25.00

Cost $50.00

For details contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 4902421, Jamal: 761-1889 or www.islandhikers .com

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