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Three Pools Blanchisseuse 2017

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 17th January, 2017

A favorite destination for a thrilling river adventure is at Three Pools in Blanchisseuse. This natural landscape located one kilometer upstream from the Spring Bridge along the course of the Marianne River. The river plunges over a steep escarpment to create three consecutive basins. There is a natural water-slide which acts as a boundary between the first and second. The pools are a pleasure for fun seekers with broad and shallow areas for swimming and jumping.

The Marianne River represents the soul of Blanchisseuse, and in the 18th Century, the English surveyor Frederick Mallet saw the women washing their clothes in the river and called it Ladies River. Later the settlers referred to the place as washerwoman, which is French for Blanchisseuse.  In 1869, the first recorded Englishman to horseback through the mountains of the Northern Range to Blanchissesue was Charles Kingsley. In 1962 after Independence, the first Governor-General Sir Solomon Hochoy grew up in Blanchisseuse and greatly admired for his skill in horseback riding.

The walk to Three Pools will take thirty minutes and begins at the Spring Bridge. The route to the basins is upstream along the undulating banks of the river.  The trail crosses the river at a shallow area and passes through an abandoned cacao and citrus estate. For those wishing for a more challenging experience, there is an alternative forest walk with an exciting river exploration.

Island Hikers explore Three Pools on Sunday 22nd January 2017.

Assembly #1: 8.00am at the entrance to Central Bank Auditorium. Note persons requiring transport must call in advance to book 7492956

Assembly #2:  between 7.30-8.15 am opposite Sam’s Bar Maracas Bay at the end of the beach.

Life jackets provided if you have one bring it along.

However, bathing optional, please bring an extra change of clothing.

Rating: 2 an easy walk to the pools

Note: optional forest walk and river exploration Rating 4

Cost for the hike $50.00

Persons requiring transport: $60.00 additional

Interested persons call Mario 749-2956 Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421




Mario Russell
c/o Island Hikers,
#152 Frederick Street,
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago/

Phone: (868) 749-2956,

email :islandhikers

Marcia 490-2421,Michael 719-3368,

Jamal 761-1889,Robin 681-1389,

Camille 620-314, Michelle 726-5195,

,Petronilla 342-1072, Pooran 764-2041

Dennis 678-2768, Adrian 349-9316,

Bob 685-5355, Pedro 346-3460

Ian 682-6177,  Danny 372-7798