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Tobago 22nd to 24th Sept 18

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 18th September, 2018

The sister isle of Tobago, known mainly for its beautiful beaches, the Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef is the number one vacation place for locals and during the Republic Holiday Weekend, many Trinis go there to relax and enjoy its natural resources.  For the Nature Lover, Tobago has a wealth of hidden treasures and apart from its beaches, there are mountains, rivers and waterfalls to explore. Tobago has over 230 species of birds of which twenty-five are indigenous to the island. In 1889, Tobago became united with Trinidad and at that time the economy of both islands depended on the cultivation of sugarcane and cocoa. Throughout the island, many of the abandon estate trails, lead to remote beaches and waterfalls, which are only accessible by hiking. Island Hikers visits Tobago this Republic Weekend to step into the unknown and explore its secret gems.

On Saturday 22nd September 2018 there are 2 hikes (a) Highland Waterfall & (b) Big Bay and Little Bay. Assembly: 730 am at the Esplanade, Scarborough.

  1. The Highland Waterfall is a 40-foot single drop falls located in a remote grassland area between Northside Road and Les Coteaux. The flat 30-minute walk begins at the bridge on the Mason Hall–Les Coteaux Road. The trail situated alongside the river leads upstream in a west to east direction to the falls.
  2. Big Bay and little Bay also called Cotton Bay are two remote beaches situated below the Northside Road between Moriah and just before King Peters Bay Road. The exploration of Big and Little Bay starts from Culloden and the walk along the rocky coast will take an hour. The landscape consists of undulating hills with a steep descent to the beach. Little Bay situated 15 minutes along the way, is a lovely scenic inlet that provides an alternative for those not wishing to walk the long distance. Big Bay located higher up the coast, it’s beach half a mile long with calm clear waters. The place, which feels like a lost, untouched paradise remains a hideout for sailboats. There is a reef on the right end of the beach, which attracts a variety of small marine fish. Sometimes seen are the big manta rays, which swim harmlessly in the soothing coastal waters.

On Sunday 23rd September 2018 Island Hikers explore the Gilpin trail to Bloody Bay. (one way). Assembly: 9 am Esplanade, Scarborough

The Gilpin Trail located on the Tobago Main Ridge Reserve between Roxborough and Parlatuvier. The Expedition to the beach is an easy 5km downhill trek. The trail, which descends to Bloody Bay, takes 1-1 1/2 hours to get there and passes through the scenic rainforest. Along the way, there are small waterfalls and shallow rivers to cross and two indigenous birds found only on Tobago’s Main Ridge are the Blue-backed Manakin and the White-tailed Sabrewing Humming Bird.


On Monday 24th September 2018 Island Hikers explore Nomans Land. Assembly: 8 am at Buccoo Bay.

No man’s land is a 2km long peninsula situated in the Bon Accord Lagoon. On both sides of the peninsula, the vegetation is mangrove and swampland. At the tip of the peninsula, there is a beautiful sandy beach referred to as Noman’s Land. The still water’s of the lagoon along with the backdrop of countless mangrove makes the place feel like “heaven on earth”. Vehicle access to the place is restricted and the only way to get there is by boat or walking along the coastline. The coastal walk from Buccoo to Noman’s Land will take an hour. It begins with a walk along the beach and the trail diverts from the coast into an open area. The route continues through the mangrove toward the beach. With its untouched beauty, Noman’s Land is a place everyone should visit there are plans to construct a Sandals Hotel at its location however this may prevent further access to the place.

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