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Tobago Weekend 2015

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 22nd September, 2015

The sister isle of Tobago, known for its beautiful beaches, the Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef is the number one vacation place for locals. Tobago has over 230 species of birds of which twenty-five are indigenous only to the island. In 1889, Tobago became united with Trinidad and at that time both islands economy depended on the cultivation of sugarcane and cocoa. Throughout the island, the abandon estate trails lead to remote beaches and waterfalls. The Main Ridge, which runs across the island, provides a watershed where within its boundaries are countless rivers. For the nature lover, Tobago has a little of everything and its natural resources is like a goldmine waiting to unveil. Island Hikers will be visiting Tobago from Thursday 24th to Sunday 27th September 2015 to explore its hidden trees.

Day 1:

Twin Rivers Waterfall Thursday 24th September’2015

The Twin Rivers Fall located in Goldsborough is a tributary of the Great River or Goldsborough River. At the gateway to the falls there is a conflux of two tributaries, which gives it the name Twin Rivers. The falls found on the right stream descends 75 feet from a series of cascades. At the base, there is a large plunge pool and the walk along the stony riverbed will take 40 minutes from where the vehicles parked. It is a challenge to climb to the top of the falls but along its course there are additional waterfalls and pools to discover. Further downstream situated on another tributary is the Rainbow Waterfall where there is an admission charge to visit.

Assembly 7.00am at Esplanade on Milford Road Scarborough

Rated 3 fair.

Day 2:

Little Tobago (boat tour & hike) Friday 25th September’15

Little Tobago also known as “Bird of Paradise Island” is the largest and most easterly landmass off the coast of Trinidad and Tobago. Located opposite to the village of Speyside, the island surrounded by beautiful reefs is a fantastic place for bird watching and scuba diving. The highest elevation is 137metres (450ft) and to trek the entire 14.5 km of trails can take 1-6 hours. In 1928, Little Tobago designated as a wildlife sanctuary to protect the Bird of Paradise, however over the years they have all vanished. Still living on the island is a wide variety of exotic birds including the Red-billed Tropicbird. A glass bottom boat will take the group on a tour to see the reef where situated is the largest Brain Coral. The Speyside Lookout is a magnificent place for sceneries of Little Tobago, Man-of-War Hill 2nd highest peak (549m) and Pigeon Peak 4th tallest. In 1746, John Piggot purchased a sugar estate in Speyside, and the prominent waterwheel is a reminder of its rich history.

Assembly 7.00am at Esplanade on Milford Road Scarborough

Rated:3 fair

Day 3:

Cruise Tobago North-western Coast Saturday 26th September’15 (Bon Accord Lagoon, Cotton Bay & Pirates Bay )

The Tobago North Western coastline is full of exclusive beaches and sceneries some only accessible by boat or by hiking. A hidden gem situated below the Tobago North Side Road and between the villages of Moriah and King Peters Bay is Cotton or Big Bay. There are no roads, to access the beach and the only way to get there is to walk or by boat. The beach half a mile long seems like “heaven on earth” the crystal clear water is calm and relaxing. On the right end of the beach, there is a reef that attracts a variety of small marine fish. It is mind-blowing to see huge manta rays swim carefree alongside the beach. Other lovely beaches inaccessible by vehicle are No Mans Land and Little Bay.

Further up the coast another secret treasure is Pirates Bay situated around the coastline from Charlotteville Bay. It is part of the larger Man of War Bay, which comprise of several beaches including Charlotteville. Overlooking the bay is Flag Staff Hill and Fort Cambleton.

Assemblies for boat cruise from 8.00- 9 00 am on Pigeon Point Road.

For details contact Mario 749-2956 5.speyside waterwheel-132 4.Cotton Bay-0002 o war bay -0584 2. nomans land-08514 1. little tobago-125 4.bon accord lagoon 2-1695.speyside waterwheel-132 4.Cotton Bay-0002 4.bon accord lagoon 2-169 o war bay -0584 2. nomans land-08514 1. little tobago-125



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