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Tucker Valley History

Scheduled Date: Tuesday 31st May, 2016

Tucker Valley, as we know it, today formerly called La Cuesa Valley, which in Spanish means a wooden box to contain water. In the Northern Range, it is the most westerly Valley and over the ridge on its east side is Diego Martin. The valley first settled between 1781-1797 by the Cedula Agreement, which invited farmers to come to Trinidad and cultivate the land. Settlers from Grenada along with their slaves occupied the land each given 3.2 acres to plant sugar and coffee. By 1830, there were eight estates Vide Barrique, Bachelor’s Hall, My Delight, Concord, Belle Vue, Simon Estate, Delight Estate and Prospect Estate. However with the decline of sugar and coffee along with the Emancipation of Slavery, there was a labor shortage and the estates became bankrupt. Many of them had to be put up for sale, and William Sanger Tucker offered to purchase most of the land on an installment plan. Still noticeable and a reminder of its glory days is the ruins of the Chapel of Saint Chad. Still preserved in the cemetery of St Chad Church there is a tomb of Amelia Tripp, the daughter of William Tucker, who died at age twenty-four. In the vicinity of the church, there was a village called Mt Pleasant. In 1887 Tucker sold the land to Sir William Ingram at that time the chief produce was now cocoa.

Around 1914, George Huggins purchased the land from Sir William Ingram. By 1936, the primary crop exported was now citrus. Overlooking Macqueripe Bay, Huggins built a large luxury hotel with 40 rooms and a ballroom. However during world War 11, 1941, the British Government leased the region to the Americans. In 1966 the Americans returned the land to the Trinidad Government and the Chagaramas Development Authority (CDA) established to administer and develop the area. Williams Beach located at the entrance to Tucker Valley named after Eric Williams firstly called Caramboula (Down’s Tree) and Anse Trinquant.

Tucker Valley is a nature lover’s paradise along with the large variety of birds, beach, waterfall, golf course there are numerous hiking trails to explore. To appreciate the place one should be aware of its history and the struggle made by our ancestors.

Hike 1: On Saturday 4th June 2016 Fitness Walkers trek from Saman Park Tucker Valley to North Post Diego Martin

Rated: 6 challenging Hiking time 5- 6 hours (a steep climb along the Morne Pierre Ridge 1700 feet)

Bring along at least 1 litre of water.

Assembly 7.00am KFC Westmall

For more details contact Marcia 490-2421 or Mario 749-2956 or Jamal 7611889 or visit

Hike 2: On Saturday 4th June 2016 Island Hikers evening stroll from the Maqueripe Golf Course to the Maqueripe Beach.

Rated: 2 easy

tomb of Amelia Tripp-1090036 maqueripe beach-1090083 golf course-1090099 chapel of saint chad-1090033Bring along torchlight.

Assembly 6-7pm KFC Carpark Westmall.

Finish time: 10pm

For more details contact Marcia 490-2421 or Mario 749-2956 or Jamal 7611889 or visit



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