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Homard Falls Grand Riviera on Sun11th Aug

Homard Falls Grand Riviera on Sun11th Aug

Homard & Lacatang Falls in Grand Rivière on Sunday11th August 2019

On the northeastern coast, a captivating place to discover is Grand Rivière. It’s community unsophisticated yet vibrant with warm and friendly villagers. It’s one of those villages where everyone is welcome and appreciated. In 1797, when the English Surveyor Frederick Mullet mapped Trinidad’s landscape, he was amazed by the magnificence of the big river and called the area Grand Rivière. Today Grand Rivière is mainly a fishing village, but apart from it scenic coastline, there are numerous attractions to fascinate visitors. 

       Grand Riviere can boast of having the largest population of leatherback turtles in the country, and during the breeding season from April to July it is recorded that as many as 200 turtles come ashore nightly. This spectacle event creates employment for villagers in the tour-guide and hotel industry. It is also a place for bird-watchers and one of the few places to see the endemic pawi or piping–guan. This large turkey-like bird from the chachalaca family once hunted to almost extinction. It’s population now decreased to around two hundred birds. High up in the treetops another distinguished bird is the Channel-billed Toucan recognised by its large bill and high-pitched call that sounds like a yelping dog.

             The river’s mouth with its calm, soothing waters is a favourite spot for river limes, and on weekends the place is buzzing with activity. Secluded in the mountains, on the western outskirts of the town there are several magnificent waterfalls. The first is called Homard Falls and the trek to get there will take an hour on a wide-open path. Further upstream, there are other refreshing pools to explore, and along the stony riverbed, another fascinating fall's is Lacatang. This fall drops 20-feet into a deep plunge pool. Grand Rivière is a nature destination where there is always something enjoyable and adventurous to discover. There is the option to visit the beach, river, and mountains for an unforgettable experience 

On Sunday 11th, August 2019 Island Hikers explore Homard & Lacatang Falls in Grand Rivière.

Assembly 1: 6 am - 6.45 am Eric Williams Medical Complex Mt Hope Hospital.

Assembly 2: 6.30 am at the intersection of O'meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima. (next to doubles vendors)

Rated: 4 moderate

Finish time: 2 pm

Registration on the morning of the hike $

Hiking time one-way: 1 hour

Maxi transport provided at an additional cost of $100.Please call or text to book.

For more information, please visit www.islandhikers.com or Michelle726-5195, Marcia 490-2421  Jamal 7611889 or Whatsapp Mario749 2956

Homard Falls Gran Rivierre

Homard Falls Gran Rivierre

Paragrant Bay on Sunday 25th August 2019

Paragrant Bay on Sunday 25th August 2019

Paragrant Bay located on the Maracas  North coast road 3 km  from the Saddle Road.

Assembly 7- 8am Pillars Saddle Road 

Rating 4 moderately challenging

Hiking time : 1hr downhill to beach

Return steep uphill :90 mins

For more information, please visit www.islandhikers.com or Michelle726-5195, Marcia 490-2421 or Jamal 7611889


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The magnificent Red-billed Streamertailed Hummingbirds (Trochilus polytmus) are only found on the Ca

The magnificent Red-billed Streamertailed Hummingbirds (Trochilus polytmus) are only found on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where they are quite common along the coast and in the mountains. They are also known as the Doctorbirds, God Birds, Scissors Tails, Longtail Hummingbirds or Western Streamertails

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