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El Tucuche on Sat16th 27th November 2019

El Tucuche on Sat16th 27th November 2019

  1. El Tucuche  on Sat16th 27th November 2019
  2. Assembly 7 am St Joseph Mosque
  3. Rating 5moderately challenging
  4. Hiking time one-way 3 1/2 hrs
  5. For details contact Mario 7492956, Marcia 4902421 or Jamal 7611889

Trail description: A long walk along the El Tucuche Bench Road  but rather than a steep ascend a gradual climb to the summit.  


Rincon basins on 24th November 2019

Rincon basins on 24th November 201919t Bay.

  1. For details contact Jamal 7611889, Michael 7193368 or Marcia 490-
  2. Assembly: 7.00am In front of Central Bank Auditorium or 730am Sams Bar Maracas Bay 
  3. Rating:2 easy 
  4. Estimated hiking time:20 mins one-way
  5. Starting Location: Rincon Village just before Las Cuev
  6. Cost of hike $60


Saut D'eau on Sat 30th November 2019

Saut D'eau on Sat 30th November 2019

Assembly 6am Morne Coco Roa Gas Station in Maraval 

Start time 7am 

Rating 6 streneous

Hiking time 3hrs one-way or depending on ones fitness

For details contact Mario7492956 Michael 7193368

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3 Sprout Falls in Morne La Croix

Hiking gives us the opportunity to get away from our busy schedules and enjoy the beauty of nature.Its all about the journey. Meeting new friends, exploring new destinations and at the same time getting fit and having a healthy life style.

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Island Hikers explore the secret gems of Trinidad & Tobago and by extension numerous countries in the world. 

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 Island Hikers Sunday Hikes for fun and family .

Fitness Walkers Saturday hikes for those who like the extra challenge. 

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The magnificent Red-billed Streamertailed Hummingbirds (Trochilus polytmus) are only found on the Ca

The magnificent Red-billed Streamertailed Hummingbirds (Trochilus polytmus) are only found on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where they are quite common along the coast and in the mountains. They are also known as the Doctorbirds, God Birds, Scissors Tails, Longtail Hummingbirds or Western Streamertails

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