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Quare River on Sunday 6th October

Quare River on Sunday 6th October 2019

Quare River on Sunday 6th October 2019

Valencia located in the heart of the Northern Range is a place surrounded by numerous rivers. It is a bypassed town en route to Toco and Sangre Grande. Situated on its western side are the Guanapo and Aripo Rivers and to the east the La Sieva, North Oropuche, Turure and Quare Rivers. It is also an area known for its river-limes and within its boundaries are the De Freitas Ranch, Valencia Eco-Resort, Valencia Nature Centre and Heritage Park. Most significant is the Quare River that provides water to the Hollis Reservoir.  Further downstream the over spill of water coming from the dam provides many fascinating areas to explore. Along the river course are plunge pools and cascading waterfalls. The river is a favorite recreation spot for the Villagers.

Valencia was once an estate owned by a Spanish farmer named Valentia.  Placed at the entrance to the community, are two concrete Pillars built by the Americans during World War 11 in 1941. These Pillars represented an entry point to their Naval Base in Comuto-El Mano known as Fort Read. The population of Valencia grew with the arrival of the Americans who provided work to the villagers. At the entrance to Valencia, there is a Visitor Centre with a small zoo that includes information on eco-tourism and Cultural Heritage.

The exploration of the Quare River is an easy twenty-minute walk upstream alongside the riverbank. The trail, during the rainy season can be muddy. Along the way, the track passes through abandon agriculture land and continues through the forest to an enchanted cascade. Note bathing is optional and does not require one to get wet. The hike is suitable for children five years and up.

On Sunday 6th October 2019 Island Hikers explore the Quare River. 

Rating: 2 (easy suitable for children

Hiking time: 20 minutes to waterfall.

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’Meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway, Arima.  (Next to FT Farfan)

For further details, please contact Mario 749-2956, Jamal 761-1889 or Marcia 490-2421.


Guanapo /Tombasson Falls on Sat 12th October 2019

Guanapo /Tombasson Falls on Sat 12th October aragrant Bay.

Guanapo is an Amerindian word used to describe the name of a place. The area is mostly uninhabited but it is known for its beautiful natural gorge. The vegetation is lower montane forest and consists mainly of mora and dilapidated cacao trees. Over the years extensive quarrying in the area have diminished the mountains, as well as endangerment to wildlife. The river sources are from the El Cerro Del Aripo and lalaja watershed and its direction is southwest through the centre of the valley. At the end of the Gunapo Gorge, there is an undisclosed tributary, Exploring the tributary upstream will lead to the Guanapo/ Tambasson Waterfall.  The expedition to the falls is an exciting adventure that entails climbing over huge boulders and swimming through narrow passageways and gorges. The preferred starting location for the exploration is from the south at the Guanapo Quarry. However the river can also be reached from the north at Lalaja Trace located six miles on the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road. 

The trek to the waterfall starts on top the hill alongside the riverbank. Exploring the river channel is full of fascinating challenges. Along the way, there are other small waterfalls to discover. The Guanapo Waterfall approximately 40 feet high with a shallow plunge pool at its base. A visit to the falls is truly a memorable experience however during the rainy season flash floods can occur and there is an optional land trail. Life jackets supplied but if you have one bring it along. It is advisable to wait for the necessary safety equipment to be put in place before going into the water or attempting to cross the river.

On Saturday, 12th October 2019 Fitness Walkers explore the Guanapo /Tombasson Waterfall. For details contact Jamal 7611889, Michael 7193368 or Marcia 490-or visit

Assembly: 7.00am Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima.

Rating: 6 challenging or for experienced hikers

Estimated hiking time: 2 hours one-way

Starting Location: Guanapo Quarry

Cost of hike $60

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The magnificent Red-billed Streamertailed Hummingbirds (Trochilus polytmus) are only found on the Ca

The magnificent Red-billed Streamertailed Hummingbirds (Trochilus polytmus) are only found on the Caribbean island of Jamaica, where they are quite common along the coast and in the mountains. They are also known as the Doctorbirds, God Birds, Scissors Tails, Longtail Hummingbirds or Western Streamertails

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