La Foret / Forest Point

La Foret / Forest Pointt

One of Toco’s hidden treasures is La Forêt Beach or Forest Point. Located in the county of St David and approximately 3km south of the Galera Point Lighthouse. The seascape at La Foret is divided by a rocky peninsula 100 metres long and 25 metre high. On each side of the headland, there is a beach.  The one on the northern side is sheltered with shallow and calm waters. Sea erosion has caused the rocks to form Jacuzzi like pools, providing safe conditions for non-swimmers. The beach on the southern side has different characteristics with gentle waves for swimming.
The landscape overlooking the Point is a lovely area to sit and enjoy the soothing Atlantic Breeze. 

Further south, the vast seascape, that extends along the rocky northeastern coast is called L’anse Contre Bay and consist mainly of estate land. Many of these coastal beaches, has names that show the influence of the French. The Cedula de Population of 1783 invited French Farmers to migrate to Trinidad and develop the country.
The vegetation along the rugged northeastern coastline is secondary growth forest of wild shrub, coconut and almond trees. The open landscape provides limited protection from the sun‘s radiation, and it is advisable to bring along a hat or umbrella for shade. The coastal scenery with its backdrop of lush green slopes against a rocky background is breath-taking. The walk to La Forêt takes 30 minutes and is along a wide-open estate road that slopes gently towards the sea.

On Thursday 1st August 2019 (Emancipation Day),  Island Hikers visit Forest Point Beach.

Assembly: 7am Corner of O’meara Road and Churchill Roosevelt Highway Arima. Depart by 8am

Bring a hat for sunshade and a litre of water.
Rating: 2 easy 

The cost of the hike is $60.00 / kids $30.

For details contact Mario: 749 – 2956, Jamal 761-1889, Marcia 4902421 or visit