Angel Falls

Angel Falls river adventure

Angel Falls river adventure 

A captivating gem, hidden away in the northern foothills of Mt. El Tucuche, is Angel Falls. Located on the North Coast Road between the bays of Maracas and Las Cuevas in the Zorro Trace Valley. The falls placed in a concealed canyon surrounded by craggy ridges and rolling mountains. The river streams over a steep escarpment and drops 50 feet vertically, along the rocks into a cosy basin. Its celestial grandeur and exquisite gracefulness give it the name Angel. Sitting under the powerful water-drop provides a rejuvenating massage. At the side of the drop the water cascades into a refreshing pool. Towering over this picturesque landscape are the twin peaks of El Tucuche (936 metres), they provide the watershed to the river’s source. Lower in the valley, the river plunges over steep precipices creating breath-taking pools and fascinating waterfalls. Its channel is an explorer's bliss and is full of adventure. Escalating the rocks, to explore these natural wonders invokes a feeling of mystery and accomplishment. 

The landowners at Zorro Trace use the river water to cultivate small cash crops such as tomatoes, pumpkin, green pepper and others. Angel Falls is also accessible from the Maracas St. Joseph Valley and entails a trek over the Lloango Mountain and then down into the Zorro Valley.

 The expedition from Zorro Trace takes approximately 1hour to reach the falls. The journey starts with a shallow walk alongside the river to the foot of the mountain. The trek to the top of the ridge consists of a steep ascent where a footpath on the right diverts from the main trail into a small gulch. The falls situated on the other side of the ridge in an undisclosed valley. The return journey is a straight downhill walk along the same path. Please note the trail can be muddy and requires a shoe with good grips. 

Island Hikers river adventure to Angel Falls 

For more details contact Mario 749-2956, Marcia 490-2421, Jamal 761-1889 or visit

Assembly: 7 am at the entrance to Central Bank Auditorium or 730am Sam’s Bar Maracas Bay

Rating 4 moderate (includes short uphill walking)

Hiking time one-way: 1 hr depending on pace

Preparation: a shoe with good grips and change of clothing.

Recommended for kids 7 years and up with a willingness to walk.