Blue Basin Waterfall

Blue Basin Waterfall

Blue Basin Waterfall 

The pride of Diego Martin is the Blue Basin Waterfall. The river originates from a remote area in Paramin known as Meyah and its course is through the dense region of the Cameron Valley. It then flows over a steep escarpment to a series of fascinating cascades. Situated at the top of Blue Basin Falls there are a series of hidden gems, pools and waterfalls known by villagers as White Hole, Coffin Hole, and Tsou Falls.

 The Blue Basin River has always been significant to Diego Martin. In 1797, it provided water to the nineteen sugar mills and nine rum distillers in the Valley. The purpose of the historic Diego Martin Water Wheel was to crush the sugar cane and its water supply came from the river. At that time, the population of Diego Martin was 141 whites, 289 free coloured and 734 slaves. One Hundred years later in 1897, there was a depression in the Sugar Industry, and many of the estates collapsed. This was due to the abolishment of slave labour in 1834.

       At River Estate the Colonial Government purchased the land to drill wells for the purpose of supplying water to Port-of-Spain and environments. Soon after, the Cadbury Brothers of England leased the land to do research in Cocoa Production. Today there is still evidence of its rich history and along the river channel and in the forest surviving cacao trees still, exist.

           The trek to Blue Basin Waterfall is a short 20 minutes walk along the road to the falls. Please note there is security for the vehicles. 

       Island Hikers explore the Blue Basin Waterfall. Estimated hiking time 20 mins to a ½ hour.

Assembly: 7.00am KFC West Mall

 Rating: 2 easy 

Cost $60.

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